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Best Dating Sites in New Zealand

Dating in the twenty-first century involves some unique challenges that previous eras of relationships never saw. Whether you are a member of Gen Z, who has never known any other way to date, or someone more experienced, who remembers the days of in-person courtship, you’re guaranteed to encounter these challenges when looking for a partner.

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Many of the challenges of modern dating come from the fact that most people use dating sites when actively trying to find someone to date: it can be hard to know whether a dating site weeds out scammers, or whether its algorithm is any good at matching people. But there are advantages to online dating, too: it allows you to specifically search for people with interests, relationship goals, and plans that are compatible with yours, so you don’t waste time pursuing someone who doesn’t want the same things you do.

Fortunately for you, we reviewed a ton of dating sites and put this guide together to help you know which ones to trust. If you use our recommendations to pick a dating site, we guarantee you’ll find “the one” for you faster than you would anywhere else.

Types of Dating Sites

Every dating site has a different matching process, different features, and a different user base. This means that no two dating sites have precisely the same target audience or ideal demographic, so in this article, we’ll talk about the best dating sites for different genders, ages, sexual orientations, and more, to help you find the best one for you.

Young people kissing at home.

Free dating sites in NZ

Even though the dating scene in New Zealand is not as fast-paced and cutthroat as other cities around the world, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of opportunities to find love. In fact, there are a number of great dating sites that are free and can help you find someone special. They might not cost anything but they aren’t exactly free. You see, when you join for free, you then get access to a limited profile and a selection of other users who have also signed up for free membership by using our link below. Dating websites in NZ are a great way to meet new people who share similar interests. Below we've listed some of the best free dating sites in New Zealand so you can find your perfect partner and begin building new relationships.

By gender

Dating Sites for Men

Let’s face it: internet creeps have made it infinitely more difficult for normal guys to find love online. Women receive all sorts of gross proposals, cringey “nice guy” openers, and other unsolicited interactions on dating sites; as a good guy just looking for a partner, you have to figure out how to establish that you’re not one of those guys, while also keeping the conversation fun and figuring out if you’re compatible, all at the same time.

There may be a bit of this even on the best sites, but when using the best dating sites for men, you won’t be constantly walking that tightrope.

Dating Sites for Women

Being a woman on the internet is frustrating at the best of times, and many are resistant to the very idea of online dating. Merely by existing on the internet as a woman, you’re very likely to receive inappropriate comments, unwanted photos, or some other form of harassment, at least a few times. Sometimes it seems like joining a dating site would just be asking for more of these unpleasant interactions.

Luckily, when you use the right dating site for women, that’s not the case. There will always be creeps in the world, but when you use a site that values safety and is populated by people looking for the same thing as you, the majority of your interactions will be worthwhile.

Teens dating near the lake.

By age

Dating Sites for Young People

Online dating life is often ideal for today’s young adults, who typically have to stay busy 24/7. Whether you’re studying for your first or second degree, working your way up as a rookie in the professional world, or taking freelance and odd jobs to support your artistic passion, you probably don’t have as much free time as you’d like to maintain your social life.

The convenience of online dating makes it easy for young adults to search for potential partners who are looking for the same type of relationship (and hopefully have a compatible schedule).

Dating Sites for Seniors

More and more seniors are becoming interested in dating again, and we think that’s great! Many older adults used to think dating wouldn’t be worth it at their age, or that dating is a young person’s game, but everyone who wants companionship deserves to find it.

If you are recently retired, if your kids are grown up and busy with their own lives, or if you’ve lost or separated from your spouse, there’s no reason you have to spend your time alone: try out online dating to find someone you would enjoy spending time with to be your new partner.

Seniors dating at home.

Dating Sites for Teens

Meeting strangers online as a teenager can be dangerous, and we recommend using caution even on the best dating sites. If you are a minor, or a young adult still living with your parents, don’t be afraid to let someone know if any person or interaction makes you feel unsafe.

That said, we understand that COVID has hit the social lives of teenagers pretty hard. Friendships, parties, and dating are an important part of being a teenager, but lockdowns and restrictions are causing many to miss out on this part of their lives. As long as you are careful about who you talk to and what you share, you can use dating sites for teens to meet and hang out with friends and partners, even when you can’t see them face-to-face.

Dating Sites for 40+

Trying to date in middle age is a unique experience. Unlike teens and young adults on dating sites, you may have been through a long-term relationship or even a marriage that ended, but unlike seniors on dating sites, you also aren’t likely to be a widow or a retiree. However, you shouldn’t be intimidated by this; you can use dating sites to find someone of the same age who understands your life experiences. Online dating sites can help you find a partner at any age!

By purpose

Hookup Sites

Not everyone wants a long-term partner, and that’s ok! What’s not ok is asking someone who’s looking for a potential spouse to hook up with you because you found their profile attractive; use a dating site that is intended for hookups and has a user base of people mainly looking for casual interactions to find people with the same goals as you. We promise everyone will be happier this way.

Young people have serious relationships.

Serious Relationship Sites

If you want something more serious or long-term, it can be frustrating to use dating sites unless you choose the right one. Lots of people do use dating sites just for hookups (even if they don’t admit it in their bio), so if you don’t know about a site’s reputation, you may end up having to weed through a lot of “matches” who aren’t interested in the level of commitment you want.

By picking a dating site that’s intended for serious relationships, you’ll be able to learn more about the people you match with, and you won’t have to waste as much time on non-contenders.

Dating Sites for Marriage

While we don’t recommend tying the knot with someone purely based on their dating profile, your intention to get married someday can certainly inform your choice of dating site. Incompatible long-term goals are a major source of conflict in relationships between otherwise compatible people, so by setting out to find a partner for marriage on a dating site, you can avoid some of these problems down the road.

Data from the 2010’s suggests that around one-third of new marriages these days started online, and there’s no reason you couldn’t be part of that third in a couple of years! Check out some of the best dating sites for marriage to start looking for your life partner.

Polyamorous dating.

By sexual orientation

LGBT Dating Sites

These days, most dating sites give you the option to look for non-heterosexual matches. While we appreciate the inclusion, the fact is that most dating sites also aren’t ideal for queer people. Just like in real life, people on dating sites who oppose the LGBT community may harass or fetishize you for being queer.

Of course, you can find plenty of dating sites that are safe for, exclusive to and run by queer folks, as long as you know where to look. The first queer dating sites to arise on the internet were mainly geared towards hookups, but now you can use LGBT dating sites to find something casual, something serious, or even a spouse.

Polyamorous Dating Sites

Polyamorous folks face judgement from monogamous folks all the time, on dating sites as well as in real life. Even people who are accepting of the polyamorous lifestyle may have a negative reaction to encountering polyamorous people on “traditional” dating sites; they may not understand, or they may mistakenly think they have met a potential monogamous partner and become upset when they realize that’s not the case.

From sites that are open to everyone but have polyamorous “features” to poly-exclusive sites, you can find an accepting space to search for new partners and experiences on polyamorous dating sites.


No matter what kind of relationship or partner you are looking for, one of the sites on this list is sure to be a great option for you. We review these sites regularly to make sure you’re kept up-to-date with any important information and to continue to guarantee the quality and safety of their platforms.


What is online dating?

Online dating is an alternative to traditional, in-person dating. It allows you to meet other people who are looking for a relationship (be it a casual one or a long-term commitment) instead of finding someone you are interested in before you even know if they’re available (as in-person dating often goes). Many dating sites match or suggest members to each other based on information like interests, lifestyle, and long-term goals, while others let you see all users within certain guidelines (like physical distance, sex, and age) and choose matches for yourself.

How I choose the best dating site?

A lot of factors go into choosing the best dating site for you. Your gender and your age are two basic things that may influence your choice; some sites are geared more towards younger or older people, and some have different features for different genders, such as requiring that women begin the conversation. You should also choose a site that is meant for the type of relationship you want: casual or serious, hookup or long-term commitment/marriage.

How do I fill out a dating profile?

Different dating sites will give you different guidelines and requirements for filling out your profile, but some things are true for all of them. The most important thing is to be clear with your intentions: don’t say you “aren’t looking for hookups” when that’s exactly what you’re looking for, and don’t pretend to want “something fun” if you’re hoping to find your future spouse. Being honest on your profile will make it easier for compatible people to find you, so don’t be embarrassed about your goals.

Can I find a partner for a serious relationship or casual hookup on a dating site?

You can find a partner for just about anything on a dating site. There are sites for one-time hookups, sites for long-term/marriage, and sites for everything in between. Just make sure you pick the right site for your desired relationship so that you can meet people with compatible goals.

How do I approach a woman on a dating site?

The way you begin a conversation on a dating site depends a bit on the way the site functions. However, no matter what site you use, you should try to be courteous and respectful. Even if you’re just looking for a hookup, don’t be grossly sexual in your very first message; by politely establishing what you’re looking for, and being understanding of her response no matter what it is, you will make a good impression, even if the match doesn’t work for other reasons.

How do I start a conversation on a dating site?

Don’t be too ordinary, but don’t go over the top trying to stand out. A good way to start is to pick something interesting from their profile and ask about it or say something about yourself that relates to it; this will let you lead into a real conversation and learn more about each other, and it shows that you did more than look at their attractive face when deciding to match them!