Online per day 16 000
Gender Ratio
User friendly interface
8.0 or 10
Customer service
8.0 or 10
Number of members
8.0 or 10
Quality of profils
8.0 or 10
Saferty & Anti Scam
8.0 or 10
Value for Money
8.0 or 10
Free Plan available
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Paltalk is a video and voice chat software that allows users to establish secret and public conversational groups. With Paltalk, you can stay connected with friends and family worldwide for free. The app offers unlimited messages, so you can always keep in touch. You can also join public chat rooms to connect with people with similar interests. Whether you're catching up with old friends or meeting new ones, Paltalk is a great way to stay connected.

Paltalk is a unique chat app that allows you to video and voice chat with friends and strangers. What sets Paltalk apart from other chat apps is its categorization of chat rooms. You can join chats about specific topics, interests, or even locations. This makes it easy to find people who share your same passions and allows you to learn about new issues you may be interested in. Whether you're looking for a friendly conversation or a lively debate, Paltalk is sure to have a chat room.

Paltalk — What do we know about it?

You can purchase credits which are the currency of Paltalk. Pricing starts at $3.99 / Month. Group subscription gift packages are expensive, so it's more economical just to buy the credits. Paltalk is convenient because you can use it on your computer or phone, and the Paltalk app is available for Android and iPhone. The video and audio quality are good, and there is a low latency, so you can have natural conversations without lag. You can also share photos and videos, and there are many different rooms to choose from where you can meet new people. Overall, Paltalk is an excellent app for staying connected with friends and family, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a video chat app.

How does Paltalk work?

Paltalk uses a freemium business model. This means that the app is free to download and use, but there are in-app purchases that you can make if you want to use premium features. The app is available for Android and iPhone, and you can also use it on your computer. Paltalk offers an infinite amount of texts so that you can always stay in touch with your friends and family. You may also use public chat rooms to interact with individuals who share your hobbies.

How to get started on Paltalk

You can download the app for free on your Android or iPhone if you want to start using Paltalk. You will need to create an account and start chatting with your friends and family. If you want to join public chat rooms, you can browse the categories and find a room that interests you. Once you enter a room, you can start chatting with the other members. Paltalk is a fantastic platform to keep in touch with your loved ones and meet new people worldwide.

Who is really signed up here?

Paltalk is used by people of all ages from all over the world. The app has a wide range of users, so you're sure to find someone you can connect with. Paltalk is the ideal place to find whatever you're searching for, whether it's a pleasant conversation or a lively discussion. Join one of the many public chat rooms or start a conversation with a friend today. With Paltalk, you can stay connected with loved ones no matter where they are. Try it today and see for yourself!

Quality of Paltalk profiles

Paltalk profiles are high quality and offer a lot of information. You can see the person's age, location, interests, and even Paltalk ID. The profile also shows how many friends the person has and what rooms they've joined. You can also see the person's status, either "online" or "offline." If you're looking for a chat app with high-quality profiles, Paltalk is a perfect choice.

Paltalk app and mobile version

The Paltalk app is available for both Android and iPhone. You can also use the app on your computer. The image and audio quality are excellent, and there is little latency so you can have natural conversations without delay.

Making contact on Paltalk

Paltalk makes it easy to find people who share your same passions. You can browse the rooms by topic and find a room that interests you. After you've entered a space, you may begin interacting with other members. If you're looking for a friendly conversation or a lively debate, Paltalk is sure to have a chat room.

Success rate

Paltalk is a video and voice chat app with a high success rate for connecting people. It has been around for a while and continues to grow in popularity. The app allows users to communicate through video and voice chats, as well as text chats.

Help and support

Paltalk offers excellent help and support. You can find answers to your questions in the Help Center or contact customer support through the app. Paltalk also has a wide range of tutorials to help you get started with the app. Overall, Paltalk is an excellent chat app with great customer support.

Paltalk Cost

It has three different membership options to choose from. The first option is the Extreme Subscription, which costs 9.95 USD monthly. This subscription allows you to access features such as colored badges, premium stickers, virtual gifts, and unlimited webcam viewing. The second option is the VIP Subscription, which costs 19.95 USD per month. This subscription gives you access to all of the features of the Extreme Subscription, plus some additional features. The third and final option is the Prime Subscription, which costs 39.95 USD per month. This subscription gives you access to all of the features of the VIP Subscription, plus some additional features.

Paltalk also offers Credits that can be a gift. Credits can be bought in packages of 25, 50, 100, or 200. Prices start at 1.99 USD for 25 credits.

Is it free?

Yes, Paltalk is free to download and use. However, some features require a paid subscription. For example, you need a paid subscription to make group video calls or to access priority customer support. Overall, Paltalk is a great chat app with many features, but you may need to pay for more advanced features.

Promo codes and other promotions

Paltalk offers promo codes for a variety of different subscriptions. For example, you can use the promo code to get 20% off an Extreme Subscription. You can also find promotions for other subscription levels, such as the VIP or Prime Subscriptions. Promo codes are a great way to save money on your Paltalk subscription.

Paltalk also offers other promotions from time to time. For example, they occasionally provide free credits that can be used to buy virtual gifts or make group video calls. Be sure to check the Paltalk website for the latest promotions and deals. Paltalk is a great chat app with many features and fantastic promotions.

You may purchase a Subscription bundle and give it to a friend as a gift
You can also make use of the interactive features
In chat rooms, members are conservationists
Topics are organized into chat rooms according to their themes
This app is only available as downloadable software
There are some users on this site who bully and abuse other members
Outside of the United States, there aren't many active users

Іs it safe to use?

Paltalk is a safe chat app to use. The app uses industry-standard encryption to protect your personal information. Additionally, Paltalk has a strict anti-spam policy to help keep your conversations safe from unwanted messages. You can also report any users who violate the terms of service. Overall, Paltalk is a safe and secure chat app.


Paltalk is a great chat program that offers many features and options. It's easy to use and has a ton of customization options. However, it's not perfect. The biggest downside is that it's not free, and you must pay for a subscription to use all the features. Additionally, the interface can be confusing and overwhelming, especially for new users. Despite these flaws, Paltalk is a great chat program worth checking out.


What are Paltalk matches based on?

Paltalk matches are based on various factors, including age, location, and interests.

What is the average age on Paltalk?

The average age on Paltalk is 18 years old.

What is the success rate of Paltalk?

The success rate of Paltalk is high. The app has many features and options, making it easy to find matches.

Is there a mobile app available for Paltalk?

Yes, there is a mobile app available for Paltalk. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

What does Paltalk cost?

Paltalk offers three different subscription options: the Basic Subscription ($19.95 per month), the Extreme Subscription ($29.95 per month), and the Prime Subscription ($39.95 per month).

Can I temporarily cancel my Paltalk profile?

Yes, you can temporarily cancel your Paltalk profile. To do so, go to the "Account" page and click on the "Cancel Subscription" button.

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