Online per day 6 200 000
Gender Ratio
User friendly interface
9.0 or 10
Customer service
9.0 or 10
Number of members
8.0 or 10
Quality of profils
8.0 or 10
Saferty & Anti Scam
9.0 or 10
Value for Money
8.0 or 10
Free Plan available
Premium plans
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Spdate dating site is a service that primarily focuses on hookups and not serious dating. It's popular amongst many because it has a similar layout to Tinder and Instagram. Another reason many people use it is that it's free and has thousands of users who use it every day. It has different services to filter out people based on the type of casual hookup desired. Spdate mobile browser allows users to search for hookups according to their location, making it quick and easy to secure a hookup in real life. Many people mention that as soon as they create a Spdate membership they receive tons of messages asking if they want to hook up.

Spdate site.

Spdate Review

Spdate dating is basic and quick to do; their sign-up process allows you to sign up for free in minutes. The Spdate app is free and filled with females more than males there, so it's an excellent dating service for those interested in women. Plus, because there are a lot of women on the platform, there is a high chance of a successful match or hookup happening. Spdate also has a top users option, allowing others to see who the leading women are for that month. When browsing, there is a discovery feature that allows users to see if they're attracted to the person before sending a sex request.

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Age distribution
Members Structure
31. 500 000 from all over the world
Members activity
6 200 000 active weekly
Members join to find serious or casual dating
Majority of the members are aged 25-34 years old
The site claims to have members from all over the world
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How Does Spdate Work?

Before visitors begin their Spdate login, they'll come to their website, which doesn`t give full observation. There is only a signup form or a login option on their website. They don't give much away from looking at the main page. However, once they've created an account, there will be many options they can select to help narrow down their interests.

Signing Up at Spdate

Spdate login is easy to do; it only takes new members a matter of minutes and is free to do so. When signing up, you can enter their details manually or sign up using one of their social media accounts or emails. They only require name, gender, and age to enter before using the service. However, they only let provide the option of choosing male or female. Once the account is created, a pop-up advertisement shows the website's functions.

Profile Quality

Spdate profiles are mainly attractive women of all different ages and backgrounds. Many men claim they receive many messages from stunning females on the site. It's believed that this app has 31.5 million accounts on it. Profiles can be browsed using their Discovery feature.

This allows users to see only one photo of a female at a time. Then based on the user's preference, they can vote yes or no, about the photo and view the women's profile to know more about her. Spdate dating does not allow any naked pictures of any of the users.

Spdate App and Mobile Version

Spdate does not have its own mobile app to use on a smartphone. They do, however, have an interactive and responsive version for a mobile browser. This browser contains the same features as what can be used on their desktop version. Their browser also has security features like SSL encryption and secure payment processes.

Spdate mobile.

General Communications and Sending Messages

Mainly this platform works by Spdate messages, the main feature of their chatroom. Once matched, users can send instant messages to one another. In those instant messages, users can upload photos and videos to send. However, the chat option often has a lot of advertisements for other websites. It's similar to a social media website and easy to learn. They also use a similar algorithm to match users like the one on Tinder, making it easy to use if others have used other dating apps in the past.

Often users of Spdate hookups are presented with a sex request when using the service. However, the sex request is deceiving and takes users to a Spam URL. Often the URL contains pornographic content where the users have to pay.

Spdate Costs

Spdate is a free online hook-up service where most of its features are free. There are no hidden sign-ups or features that users can't access when first registering.

Is It Free?

With Spdate mobile there are no hidden costs; users don't even need to add in any sensitive details like their credit card or ID verification. Recently, Spdate has launched a Premium membership package that costs around $39.99 a month and upwards.

Is It Worth Paying For?

As most of its contents are free, there's no harm in trying Spdate for hookups. The only downside that the platform has is that it has many adverts on it during the registration process. However, if wanting to pay, users may gain additional benefits like having more visible messages and receiving more messages from a larger number of women.

Promo Codes and Other Promotions

At the moment a review has been done we didn`t find any website promotions. Unfortunately, Spdate promo code doesn't exist.

Free chat regardless of the type of membership
Cutting-edge security system
Social media site integration
A lot of users online
Numerous verified accounts with attractive women
The platform doesn’t include video content
The site contains ads and external links
Some profiles are poorly detailed


Overall, Spdate is a hook-up website targeted more at males looking for females. As the sign-up process is free, there are many options for males to choose from. Sometimes it can be difficult for them to get females, as many Spdates active members have a lot of messages from other males on the site, making it a tough competition. Similarly, as it's free, many users often come across bot profiles and fake accounts, making who they're messaging questionable. Moreover, as it's mainly free, there are a lot of adverts on there. Sometimes users may think they've got a friend request; however, it's a pop-up advertisement. When clicking on the pop-up, it will take users to a new website that often has pornographic content.

On the contrary, the usability of the Spdate website is quite straightforward. It shows similar features to Tinder and social media websites. The only form of communicating on the website is through instant chat. Users can't do calls or video chats. It's not available in an app; however, it comes with a desktop and Spdate mobile browser making it clear to use for anyone in the world.


Does Spdate have a free trial?

Spdate does not have a free trial, as the platform is free to use. All you need to do is go on their website, input your name, email, and gender, and you can use their free services in a matter of minutes.

Does Spdate have an app?

Spdate does not have an app at present; however, you can link your social media account when signing up. Moreover, they only have a browser that's accessible for both desktops and smartphones. Therefore, you can still use it while you're on the go.

Is it safe?

Spdate is one of the safest dating sites for hookups that exist on the internet. They allow users to report questionable profiles, blacklisting them on the platform. They also have safety guidelines to protect their users. Spdate only asks for a little bit of your personal information, and they don't sell your data to third parties.

Where can I contact Spdate?

There are no options on their website to contact Spdate directly. You can, however, report profiles or delete your account through them. If you want to do this, just go to the settings on the left of the menu and select delete profile.

How effective is Spdate?

As Spdate is mainly free, it's a platform you should not hesitate to use, as you don't have anything to lose out on. Most of the time, Spdate members are presented with a large selection of women, making it easy for them. However, as it's mainly women, men have to be a lot more competitive than on average dating sites.

What regions does Spdate operate in?

While Spdate is owned by a Cyprus company, Digital International Inc, its services are not limited to Cyprus. You can use Spdate at any time and from anywhere. Plus, you can select women based on the location you're in.