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Online per day 36 000
Gender Ratio
User friendly interface
8.0 or 10
Customer service
8.0 or 10
Number of members
8.0 or 10
Quality of profils
8.0 or 10
Saferty & Anti Scam
8.0 or 10
Value for Money
8.0 or 10
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Eme Hive

Looking for love can be challenging, especially if you're unsure where to start. Many people turn to online dating websites hoping to find that special someone. And now there's a new dating website just for Asian Americans. Called EME Hive, the platform helps users connect with other Asian singles in their area. EME Hive is a great place to start whether you're looking for a relationship, friendship, or just a friendly chat. The website recently rebranded from EastMeetEast to EME Hive to better reflect its mission of connecting Asian singles. So if you're ready to find love, start by creating a profile on EME Hive today!

Eme Hive — What do we know about it?

AsianDate is an online dating website that offers members a wide range of services. The website uses a virtual currency called Diamonds, which can be used to purchase various items and services on the website. Members are singles with Asian blood who are primarily based in the USA. The website offers general free services and upgrades options, allowing members to access more features and services. However, many members have reported that the website's match suggestions rarely refresh, making it difficult to find new matches. AsianDate also offers a wide range of communication features, such as chat rooms and instant messaging, which makes it easy for members to connect. Overall, AsianDate is a popular online dating website that offers members a good range of features and services.

How does Eme Hive work?

Eme Hive is a social media platform that uses an algorithm to connect users with similar interests. The algorithm looks at users' topics and the people they follow. Based on this information, it makes recommendations for who else to follow and what content to view. The algorithm is constantly learning and evolving, so it gets better at making recommendations over time. In addition, users can provide feedback on the content they see, which helps the algorithm to fine-tune its recommendations. As a result, Eme Hive's algorithm can provide a personalized experience for each user.

How to get started on Eme Hive

Getting started on Eme Hive is easy. Simply create an account and start exploring the site. To find people with similar interests, try searching for keywords in the search bar or browsing the forums. You can also join groups or attend events to meet people in person. With a little effort, you'll find plenty of new friends on Eme Hive.

Who is really signed up here?

The Eme hive range is between 10,000 and 15,000 hives located in the northern hemisphere. The average age distribution is three years old. The lifecycle of a bee starts as an egg that hatches into a larva. The larva enters the pupal stage and eventually emerges as an adult bee. There are three types of bees in a hive: the queen, the drones, and the workers. The queen is the only fertile female whose sole purpose is to lay eggs. The drones are males whose primary goal is to mate with new queens. The workers are sterile females whose responsibilities include foraging for food, caring for the young, and maintaining the hive.

Quality of Eme Hive profiles

Eme Hive is known for its high-quality profiles. The site's team of experts verifies all the information in a profile. This ensures that users can trust the information they are reading. In addition, Eme Hive provides users with a wealth of resources to help them make informed decisions about their dating life. The site offers articles on various topics, from creating a great profile to spotting a scammer. As a result, users can feel confident that they are getting accurate and helpful information from Eme Hive.

Eme Hive app and mobile version

The Eme Hive app is a great way to stay connected with friends and family. You can easily send and receive messages, photos, and videos with it. You can also create group chats to keep in touch with multiple people at once. The app also has a mobile version so you can use it on your phone or tablet. The mobile version is great for staying connected while on the go. The Eme Hive app is a great way to stay connected with your loved ones.

Making contact on Eme Hive

Eme Hive is committed to providing the best possible communication experience for members. It offers a variety of communication tools, including email, instant messaging, and video conferencing. Eme Hive also has a comprehensive help center that covers all aspects of using Eme Hive. In addition, the Eme Hive team is always available to answer any questions you may have. The company believes communication is the key to success, and Eme Hive is dedicated to providing the highest quality service possible.

Success rate

Eme Hive is a dating site that promises its users a high success rate. According to the site's statistics, over 80% of users find their perfect match within the first month of using the site. However, some experts have questioned the accuracy of these claims. They point out that the success rate may be skewed because users are more likely to give up on the site if they don't find a match quickly. In addition, the success rate doesn't consider the quality of relationships formed on the site. While some users may find their perfect match, others may find that their relationships don't last. For these reasons, it's difficult to say definitively whether Eme Hive is truly successful in helping people find lasting love.

Help and support

Eme Hive understands that dating can be daunting and sometimes a little overwhelming. That's why they offer members a wide range of help and support services. Whether you need advice on creating a profile that will attract the right kind of attention or you're unsure how to respond to a message you've received, Eme Hive is here to help. Their team of experts is always on hand to offer guidance and answer any questions you may have. So, if you're ever feeling stuck, just remember they are here to support you every step.

Eme Hive Cost

Eme Hive is a dating app that offers a premium subscription. The subscription price depends on your needs; the essential subscription starts at 26.99 USD per month and goes up to 119.88 USD per year. Eme Hive also offers Diamond, an exclusive service offering additional options and advantages to premium members. With Diamond, you can enjoy unlimited messages, read receipts, advance filter options, and expert sort on matches. With these features, you'll be able to find your perfect match more efficiently and effectively. Whether looking for a long-term relationship or a casual fling, Eme Hive can help you find what you're looking for. So why wait? Sign up today and start your search for the perfect match.

Is it free?

Eme Hive does offer a free version of their app; however, the features are minimal. The free version allows you to create a profile and browse other users' profiles. You can also send and receive messages; however, you'll be limited to sending three messages per day. You'll need to upgrade to a premium subscription to enjoy all of Eme Hive's features. While the monthly price may seem like a lot, it's worth it for the features and benefits you'll receive.

Promo codes and other promotions

Eme Hive is a dating site that offers promo codes and other promotions to help singles meet new people and start relationships. The site provides a variety of ways to search for singles, including by location, age, interests, and more. Once you've found someone interested, you can send them a message or chat with them live. The site also has a blog with dating tips and advice and an online forum where users can ask questions and get feedback from other members. Eme Hive is an excellent resource for singles looking for love, and with its promo codes and other promotions, it's easy to save money while searching for your perfect match.

The members are courteous and pleasant
The site must be approved to keep it clean before any images are uploaded
Because the area is so watchful, many fraudulent profiles are discovered
The website does not include as many unique features as the app
Free members are restricted in comparison to similar dating apps
The primary filter is quite limited

Іs it safe to use?

Eme Hive is a dating site that offers a safe and secure way to meet new people. The site uses SSL encryption to protect your personal information and has a strict anti-spam policy. In addition, Eme Hive offers a money-back guarantee if you're unsatisfied with the site. So, if you're looking for a safe and secure way to meet new people, Eme Hive is a great option.


This site is an excellent option for those looking for a serious relationship. The profiles are detailed, and the search options are comprehensive. The customer service is excellent, and the site is easy to use. Overall, we were very impressed with Eme Hive and would recommend it to anyone looking for a serious relationship.


What are Eme Hive matches based on?

The algorithm used by Eme Hive is based on a variety of factors, including age, location, interests, and more.

What is the average age on Eme Hive?

The average age on Eme Hive is 26.

What is the success rate of Eme Hive?

Eme Hive has a success rate of 80%.

Is there a mobile app available for Eme Hive?

Yes, there is a mobile app available for Eme Hive. The app is available on iOS and Android devices.

What does Eme Hive cost?

Eme Hive is a premium dating software that has a paid access option. The subscription cost is determined by your demands, with the most basic subscription costing $26.99 per month and rising to $119.88 per year.

Can I temporarily cancel my Eme Hive profile?

Yes, you can temporarily cancel your Eme Hive profile. To do so, go to the settings page and click on the "Cancel Membership" button.