What Is an Open Relationship?

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An open relationship is when both partners decide to go outside their relationship to have other partners sexually.

Relationships come in different forms; sometimes, it becomes boring for both partners. One will seem to search for happiness or love outside the relationship. Relationship comes in various types, and you need to find the perfect partner that fits you.

So basically, today, we will be looking at open relationships, what they are, and the pros and cons of this open relationship.

Open relationship comes with you and your partner having other love interests. But it all depends on the rules you set for yourselves when it comes to an open relationship.

Open Relationship Facts

Facts have been stated in research done in 2016 that more than one out five people engages in this type of open relationship. Whereby a 2020 poll also suggests that 56% of Americans want an entire monogamous kind of relationship.

Our experts will delve more into this topic for you to fully understand if this type of relationship suits you or not, the rules it involves, and whether to consider it or not.

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Types Of Open Relationship

Open relationships can exist in the following ways:

  • Married couples and casual couples who date people outside their marriage;
  • Casual couples who are not satisfied romantically and pursue romantic relationships outside their marriage;
  • Committed partners who have a physical relationship outside their relationship.

Is An Open Relationship Is Right for You?

Determining if an open relationship is right for you is not easy to consider at short notice.

It is important to consider all factors that make it suitable for you. You shouldn't just jump to the conclusion that you need this type of relationship.

Why Consider Open Relationship?

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People have various reasons to opt-in for an open relationship. They mostly think of pleasure, love, satisfaction, excitement, and other reasons to make them happy. Below are some reasons why might consider an open relationship:

  • You want to have a different sex partner to have a feel of a new sexual partner;
  • The idea of having so much to offer as in love can make you consider an open relationship with your partner;
  • In some cases, whereby one partner is asexual and not comfortable having sex can force the other partner who is sexual to have another partner;
  • Another reason to consider this three-person relationship is when your partner is not particularly kinky and wants to explore that fantasy. It makes you consider having another partner that shares the same dream;
  • It is important to note that you might face a situation where your partner cheats on you. That can make you consider getting someone else.

Typical Signals That an Open Relationship Isn't a Choice

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If you are into an open relationship and you are seeing the following signs, it means that an open relationship is not meant for you. The following are signs that an open relationship is not going to work out for you:

  • When your marriage is tense, and you are no longer happy;
  • When one partner does not agree with it;
  • Another thing is jealousy; an open relationship will not be possible when one partner is jealous or hot-temper.


Open relationship comes with its good, and one should be aware you can't just conclude you need one. Make sure it is right for you. Make it open; let your partner know the reason you want it. If you found these blogs helpful, kindly subscribe to our newsletter and turn on the notification to quickly update new information available.


Why do people have open relationships?

People have open relationships because it brings them pleasure and joy, and excitement. The excitement of going out with someone either than your partner makes it more fun for others.

Are open relationships healthy?

It is healthy if the partners involved are honest with themselves and do not keep secrets. To be in a healthy and open relationship requires rules and boundaries set by both parties involved. That makes it healthy if the partners include understanding each other.

Do open relationships work?

Yes, it works if only the parties involve understand themselves and fully agree to it. It works if there is honesty. Without that that it will be a failed open relationship.

What is an open relationship means?

An open relationship is a committed, intimate one where both parties agree that it is acceptable to pursue sexual relationships outside the couple.

What are the pros and cons of an open relationship?

There are pros and cons to consider when it comes to open relationships. On the plus side, an open relationship can provide more freedom and flexibility within a relationship. Couples in an open relationship may have more opportunities to explore their sexuality and experiment with new things.

Do married couples have open relationships?

The answer to this question is complicated. While some couples may have an open relationship, it's not necessarily right for all married couples. There are a lot of factors to consider before deciding if an open relationship is right for you and your partner.

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