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There is absolutely nothing wrong with searching for specific traits and characters in a person. Finding a compatible partner is one of the best things that can happen to an individual. It gives you the freedom to be yourself and act naturally around them. Such a person will not coerce you to change your personality. This encourages acceptance.

Given the vast number of people on planet earth, you know how hard it is to look for someone who matches your personality. Fortunately, online dating sites have made it possible to perform a global search for suitable partners without buying a plane ticket. It allows you to explore people of diverse races and characters regardless of their location.

Finding compatible partners can be a feat if you plan to visit every city in your country or extend the search across the globe. However, with the number of dating sites available today, you can easily find your match.

To begin your jolly quest, check out our list of the top dating sites in the table below.

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Hippie Dating

Hippies are a rare class of people to find nowadays because the counterculture group is not as pronounced as in the mid-1960s. They are known to keep long hair, live life freely, and dress colorfully. Although the subculture is still present today, you will have a hard time locating one due to the scarceness of believers.

Sadly, you would rarely find a hippy on the streets today, not to talk of finding a compatible hippie date. As a fellow flower child, how then can you meet hippies?

Hippie dating in a bus with a dog.

Where to Meet Hippie Singles

Traveling city to city and finding hippie people can be a hard thing. However, with numerous dating sites available today, you can find thousands of hippies both near and far in a single search. Hippy dating sites allow users to connect with people with the same practices all over the globe.

Hippie dating sites operate like every other dating site available. You can go for anyone that meets your specific needs. Some of the hippie dating websites can cater to the following preferences:

  • Marriage: In this hippie dating site category, the active users will be married people searching for hot dates. Yes, they are committed but sometimes wish to explore sexual relationships outside their marriages.
  • Hookups: Here, you will find people most interested in flings. They are interested in hippie online dating only for brief relationships, usually sexual.
  • Serious relationship: The active users in this category usually yearn for a long-term relationship that may or may not lead to marriage. The hippie date you will find here has the mindset of forming a love-driven, serious relationship with you.

Apart from the above categories, you can also find hippy dating sites that cater to people with different sexual orientations. Note that not all hippy websites will support queer relationships. Other than the general hippie practices, some people have other reservations about certain beliefs. You will have to check the requirements of any hippies dating site in consideration before becoming a member. Otherwise, you may face certain obstacles.

Hippie dating in the forest.

Benefits of Dating a Hippie

They are generally loving people. They do not believe in violence and often preach tolerance to society. They are free-spirited and promote openness. All those attributes make them good lovers and partners. The characters can also be challenging because hippies tend to do the opposite of societal norms.

You can expect the following behaviors if you plan on dating a hippie girl or guy:

  • Expect adventures because hippies are fun.
  • Hippies are easy-going and straightforward.
  • They do not require the world to be satisfied.
  • Hippie people value their independence.
  • They love to go natural.
  • Hippies are not materialistic.
  • Hippy guys are great listeners.

How to Be Successful On Hippie Dating Sites

Online dating can be a hassle when you do not understand the nuances. However, the tips below will help increase your success rate on hippie websites:

  • Choose suitable hippie sites.
  • Be honest when updating your profile.
  • Choose a picture that shows you off.
  • Try to be open-minded.
  • Let your description be precise and simple.
  • Relax and get to know your prospective partner/friend/fling/hookup to avoid scammers.

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Are you interested in exploring other dating sites? We provide quality and updated reviews on the best dating sites available for different categories. You can visit our website anytime to catch the latest information on top dating sites.


Are there any hippie dating sites?

Yes, there are countless hippie dating sites available today. There are free dating sites for hippies as well as paid. You can check some of them on our list of best hippie dating site reviews.

What's it like dating a hippie?

Go on hippie dating websites! You will connect with several of them and get to choose a compatible one. There are both free hippie dating sites and paid ones.

How to find hippie singles?

Dating a doctor might be pretty stressful because of their tight schedule and high level of intellectualism. But with time and patience, you will understand each other and know it is easier than you thought.

Why dating a hippie is the best?

Hippies love truly and accept you for who you are. They believe in living freely and will not hold you to ransom for doing you. They are also not materialistic and fun.

What is the best hippie dating site?

There is no universal best hippy dating website. However, for a hippie website to rank among the best, it must be easy to use and effective.

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