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There are a lot of reasons why you might want to date a person from Colombia. It may be for an opportunity to travel, teach your kids a new culture, learn another language, or have an experience with someone from a different environment.

As exciting as dating someone from a different country can be, finding the right person in Colombia can be challenging. This why online dating sites has become so popular, in the sense that they have made international relationships a little bit easier.

To make dating even easier for you, we have listed out the top Colombia dating sites you can join in the table below.

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Colombia Dating

Dating a Colombian is a fight of the fittest. This is because Colombia is a very romantic country with very straightforward men and women. There isn’t any silver lining between what they say and mean. However, it is a beautiful place to pick a partner because of the joy, dance, love for family, Spanish language, the food, and the culture as a whole.

Where to Look for Colombian Singles

They love to spend time with their families and go out to live life. This is why when looking for a partner; they rush to dating sites where they can find strangers that could bring more excitement and unusual events into their lives.

Most Colombian singles are popular for using dating sites to mingle, find hookups or find a casual date. And although this might not be the first intention of every Colombian on a dating site, men would have to work even harder to keep the Colombian woman for themselves.

But a few Colombian singles are there to find a serious relationship and don’t need as much chase.

Columbian single women.

Are Colombian Women Dating Sites any Different from Male Ones

Definitely men and women aren’t the same. Men have what they look for in a woman and so does a woman, in a man. So, one might believe that their differences influence what dating site they use. However, this is not necessarily the case. Both genders usually use the same site to meet their significant other.

Benefits of Dating a Colombian

  • Like any other culture, there are pros and cons of dating a Colombian. Colombians are known to be very romantic. Gifts giving, public display of affection, and calling you mi amor at every chance they get with that sexy Spanish accent; it's all you can dream of.
  • They also do mean everything they say and say exactly what they mean. You get exactly what is on the table with no hidden agenda, and this makes communication easier with a Colombian.
  • Dance is also a big plus to Colombian dating. If you date a Colombian single, you WILL learn to dance. Also, you would never go hungry with a Colombian. They are known to have a lot of family events where they serve lots and lots of different food delicacies. This also opens you to meeting more people and making new friends.

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Stereotypes about Colombian Men and Women

Colombia is a beautiful country with beautiful and lively people, nonetheless, there are also common stereotypes surrounding Colombian men and women.

  • Colombians love war and fights and therefore are very dangerous: movies have a very good way of making stories look like realities. We also have a lot of people who believe everything they watch on TV. So it is understandable that many believe this nonsense. There isn’t any hidden agenda as to why they asked for your phone number nor is there any plan to find and kill you. They are simply happy and fun people that are victims of a very good movie, e.g. Narcos.
  • Your Colombian partner is most likely doing drugs: this is another stereotype that is very offensive to Colombians. “Could you gimme a little of that cocaine you might most likely have?” is a great turn-off - because it isn’t true.
  • All the women are supermodels (beautiful and exotic): although this sounds like a good thing, and it is true (kind of), it can also be a bad thing. Tagging a woman as ‘beautiful and exotic’ could be easily be misinterpreted to mean prostitutes. This is not true of a Colombian woman.

Colombian Dating Culture

Dating cultures differ from one to another, and taking the time to study and know what your partner expects from you (because of differences in culture) would be worth it in the end, especially with a Colombian partner.

The Colombians take their mothers very seriously and if she doesn’t like you - that’s the end of the relationship. Hope to win your future mother-in-law’s heart if you are looking to have that Colombian as a long-term partner. Related to this, they consider the relationship serious after the second or third date and would introduce you to their mother immediately.

How you know a serious Colombian woman is when she is being difficult to get. So, you shouldn’t lose your patience, she is worth the chase. Colombians also place a huge deal on a man’s masculinity, aggressiveness, physical courage, and the likes.

Finally, during Colombian dating, the men are expected to pay for dates and other bills, and if for whatever reason a lady pays once, she pays forever. The man assumes that the lady is very capable and will never try to interfere with the woman’s independence.

Columbian couple on a date.

How to Make your Dating Account More Appealing on Colombian Dating Sites

Your online dating account profile is how Colombian singles can find and pick interest in you.

  • Your display picture should be a clear picture of you being you. Not too serious and not too casual. If you are naturally a happy person, don't hesitate to use a happy picture. Or if you love to wear a scarf, let your picture show it. You could also add pictures of you doing the things that you love with family members but keep the attention on you alone (if you can).
  • In description, be positive and open. State who you are in a very straightforward manner that can’t be misinterpreted. However, we advise you to sound fun and also intelligent to attract Colombian singles.

Dating Colombian women and men isn’t an easy task and one has to be updated regularly on what to expect from this culture. However, we can guarantee that you can get always get quality and quick updates on any new information about the best Colombian online dating sites for different purposes on this site.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions on dating a Colombian:

Are there sites for a Colombian hookup?

Yes, there are, most Colombians are on Colombian dating sites for fun, hookups, and casual dates. So if this is your cup of tea, you would find your partner.

Is Colombian dating exclusive for their region?

Yes, it is. In the real sense of it, Colombians are forbidden to date foreigners. Their culture is mildly against the inter-cultural dating system. However, the online dating solution has helped make things a lot easier.

How to choose the best Colombian dating site?

There are so many things to look out for when choosing the best Colombian dating site. From the authenticity of the website, to how much personal data is requested (the more the better), to if it's paid or free. To make it easier, scan through our provided online dating sites to make things easier.

Are there any free Colombian dating sites?

Yes, there are free Colombian dating sites. However, there is a greater possibility of meeting spams and scams on free Colombian dating sites.

Are there any genuine Colombian dating sites?

Yes, there are. Just as there are fakes, there are genuine ones. You just need to take your time to find the best one for you. An hint; most paying accounts are genuine.

What to know about dating a Colombian man/woman?

Colombians like fun and they also follow a strict culture and tradition. We have been able to highlight a few major things about the Colombian man and woman in this article. Check out the dating culture in Colombia to get more insight into this.

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