What is Bisexuality: Myth & Facts About Bisexual People

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Are you searching for what bisexuality is? Do you feel sexually attracted to multiple genders? Do you feel confused about your sexual orientation? We’re here to assist you with some things on your bisexual checklist.

What Is Bisexuality?

Bisexuality is the sexual and romantic attraction to both genders. The general definition of being bisexual is having sexual appeal to both men and women. Others might have a different bisexual meaning depending on the person.

Bisexual People: Myths and Facts

To clear the fog of what most people think about bisexual lovers, we have put together some myths and facts about bisexual culture.

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1. Some people believe that bisexuality does not exist

Most people think bisexuality is not real. People believe that bi-people have yet to decide on their sexual orientation. They are either straight or gay. However, the bisexual culture has existed since the LGBTQ+ movement. The first person to host an event for such a community, Brenda Howard, is bisexual.

2. Others Think Bisexuality Is A Phase

Most people see bisexual life as a phase leading to discovering your sexuality. This means that if you have a same-sex partner, you are considered gay or lesbian. However, if you settle with the opposite sex, you are considered straight.

The truth is that gender choice is not a phase. Bi-people can have a bisexual relationship with someone of the same or opposite sex.

3. Your current partner determines your sexuality

People think your sexuality is determined by your dating. If she is dating a woman, she is considered a lesbian. If she's dating a man, then she’s straight.

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As aforementioned, being bisexual doesn’t end because they’re dating someone. Their attraction and sex appeal to both genders are still there.

4. Men Can’t Be Bisexuals

Another bisexual myth is that men can’t be bisexual even when they exhibit its traits. A bisexual man is generally considered a gay person under the banner of bisexuality.

The fact is that this term is common and affects both genders. There are many types of bisexuality, such as non-binary, cisgender, and transgender. So, you can stereotype yourself as bi if you’re attracted to both genders.

5. A Bi-Person Can Only Be Attracted to Cisgender Men and Women

This popular bisexual stereotype is rooted in the bi prefix. Most people think bisexual individuals are attracted to two genders since the “bi” prefix means two.

You can have bisexual sex with more than two genders and you’ll still be bisexual. Bisexuality is an attraction to multiple genders, not a relationship.

6. Bisexuals Suffer Less Discrimination

Another challenging bisexual myth is that bisexuals suffer less discrimination. People believe that bisexual life has less discrimination compared to people considered gay or lesbian.

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The statistics show that most people consider bi people to be non-existence, and such a kind of relationships are usually seen as dirty secrets.

What is the difference between bisexuality and pansexuality?

People think pansexuality and bisexuality are the same things. The definitions are somewhat overlapping. However, there is a slight difference between these two terms.

A bisexual person does not get attracted to all genders. They are only attracted to specific gender identities. On the other hand, pansexuals are attracted to everyone. They look at the personality and value of that person rather than their sexual orientation.


Let’s assist the bisexual community in removing the hearsay about their bisexual culture by sharing this information. This will reduce the stigma, discrimination, bisexual stereotyping, and other challenges.

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What does bisexual mean?

Being bisexual means being attracted sexually or romantically to two or more genders. When you feel attracted to men as well as women, you’re considered to be in a bisexual dating relationship. And this can equally happen to both genders.

How to know if you're bisexual?

To easily find out if you’re bisexual, you have to notice if you’re attracted to both genders, if the thought makes you happy, or if you’re comfortable being in a bisexual relationship. You can label yourself bisexual if you feel all these things.

Is everyone bisexual?

Sexual identification is how you label yourself. You can feel attracted to someone of the opposite sex, but according to a psychologist, straight people don’t exist. It turns out we’re all bisexual, easily attracted to both men and women.

Can sexuality change?

Sexuality can change due to the hormonal and physical changes of puberty, especially in teens. When these restrictions are no longer in check, this can lead to an identity shift.

How common is bisexuality?

According to a bisexual survey, bisexual statistic shows that 1.3% of men are bisexual while 2.2% of women are bisexual. It is easier for women to be bisexual than it is for men to be homosexual.

How to tell if you are bisexual?

It is easy to tell if you’re bisexual if you notice these signs. If you are sexually attracted to both men and women, and if you’re ready to go into a bisexual relationship with a person, you can consider yourself bisexual.

Is it okay to be bisexual?

It is very okay to be bisexual. The bisexual act is part of human sexual orientation. Being bisexual doesn’t make you different from other humans. It is only a preference as to where you belong sexually.

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