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A lot of people are very interested in dating from another country for one reason or the other; however, the distance is most times a very real challenge, and there is also the challenge of finding the right person among millions of people in the country. This is why online dating sites remain the best way to find love from another country.

Online dating has made finding love from anywhere in the world a possibility. This article is for people looking to find and date people living in Poland. We have also included a list of the best Polish dating sites in the table below to make your search easier.

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Super active community
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Polish Dating

One of the good points of online dating in Poland is that most people take time to understand the other person before deciding to meet and date. So, even if doesn’t work out, you can be sure that you won’t waste your time. Polish dating apps and sites have also evolved over the years.

Where to Look for Polish Dating

The task of finding the right single man or woman can be a bit challenging, especially if you have a busy schedule. This is where online dating sites become handy. Specifically, if you are too busy or shy to find a single Polish guy or lady the traditional way, searching for dates on Polish dating sites will be of immense advantage to you.

You can meet Polish women and men looking for casual or even serious relationships on the dating sites we listed above.

Beautiful Polish single women.

Are Polish Women Dating Sites any Different from the Male Ones

Most of the dating sites available are for both sexes — males and females. However, there are some dating sites where you can find a good number of Polish single women that are ready to mingle and date.

You may even find a Polish dating site USA where you may not be pressured to make the first move on a lady you like as a male. You give her the chance to make the first move.

Benefits of Dating a Polish Singles

Poles are pretty conservative and religious. This means you can expect a serious and committed relationship.

The women are beautiful, and men fit. Fitness is a priority for Polish men. So, if you are dating a Polish girl or guy, one of the benefits you will enjoy is that your body will be fit as you can encourage yourself.

Polish men in relationships take good care of their women. The women also take considerable effort and joy in taking care of their men. Get ready to be treated specially!

Start Dating

Stereotypes about Polish People

  • Polish are arrogant and egotistical: this may not necessarily be true. Being arrogant and egotistical is not limited to a particular country or people but rather a personal trait. So whether Polish or not, anybody could be arrogant or egotistical.
  • Polish women are promiscuous: some women want a man that will take care of them, including Polish women. If you find a Polish woman in a relationship where the man is not taking care of her to her satisfaction, as long as she is not yet married, she may be tempted to keep her options open till she finds the man that can meet her demands.
  • Polish people are possessive: if you’re in love, you will probably understand what it means to guard and jealously protect your lover. While some lovers can be more possessive than, this is not a behavior common to all Poles.

Dating Culture in Poland

The Polish are conservative in their dating culture. They get into a serious relationship early and are serious about marriage when they go into a dating relationship.

If you are dating a Polish person, never be late to dates, even if it’s online. Coming late is a sign of disrespect and will not sit with most Poles. If you’re going to be unavoidably late, it’s better to notify your date that you might turn up late.

You’ll also have to tread cautiously when paying bills. Although it’s customary for men to pay, some modern Polish women may frown at this practice. To stay on the safer side, you can always offer to pay, and if your date refuses more than once, you can decide to either split the bill or let them pay.

However, what you should never do is criticize anything Polish. They can get defensive and resent you for it. Instead of complaining or criticizing, you can ask questions, which they will happily provide.

Polish couple on a date.

How to Make your Account More Appealing on Poland Dating Sites

  • Have an honest profile: Nothing is more beautiful than a genuine profile. There is a way the simplicity of your honesty will stand you out in the range of other profiles.
  • Take a good shot: Pictures speaks volumes. So let your picture talk for you. You can add a lot of voice to your photo by tasking a good shot. So let that picture speak about your personality.
  • Be Yourself: As much as possible, avoid unnecessary clichés. Speak expressively about yourself. Let your sentences reflect you, and don’t overdo them.


Dating is a unique experience, and dating a Polish girl or man can be quite an adventure when you go about it the right. The guide above can help you get started. Don’t forget to always check back here for fresh updates on dating in Poland and information about online dating sites for different purposes.


We have compiled the frequently asked questions about dating in Poland below. Feel free to read through them.

Are there sites for a Poland hook up?

There are no specific sites for a Polish hook up. Nevertheless, you can always find hookups, casual dating, friendship, and even serious relationships online.

Is Poland dating exclusive for their region?

Poland dating is not exclusive to their region. The same dating sites that are used in Poland can be used in other parts of the world. This is good if you are looking to find international love. For instance, you can find a Polish Dating site in USA.

How to choose the best Poland dating site?

Choosing the best Polish dating site could be tricky if you don’t know what you are looking for. But if you know what you want and especially you are looking for serious relationships, there are sites specially made for that. You can check our best Polish dating sites in the table above.

Are there any free Poland dating sites?

If you are looking for free Polish dating sites, you will find some. However, you will need to subscribe or become a member to chat or even enjoy some features on the sites. Nonetheless, there are free Poland dating sites.

Are there any genuine Poland dating sites?

Although you may find a few fake Polish dating sites, there are many genuine ones out there. All you have to do is check the authenticity of each site before you fill the form with your private information.

What to know about dating a Polish man or woman?

Dating a Polish man or woman is basically like dating other men or women in other parts of the world. The only thing you may have to put into consideration is that the dating culture is largely conservative. You should also avoid criticizing anything Polish; instead, you can ask informed questions to learn about the culture and country.

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