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A couple of golfers on a date.

Dating can be tedious sometimes, especially when you go on dates with several people and still not find the right person. Have you ever heard of down-to-earth dedicated golfers? Or you're one yourself? They are the best when it comes to dating. Their regular practice of playing golf has built-in them admirably strong characters. Now here is the hiccup, you rarely find golfers next door or in convenient stores, restaurants, or on the walkway, and you simply can’t be a member of various golf clubs in a search for a single golf partner.

So, if you are tired of boring relationships and cleaning up after an undevoted partner? Or you are golfer weary of the gold-diggers around? There is good news. There are several dating sites for golfers, where you could meet single golfers, get to pick a golf single man or woman of your choice from the comfort of your home.

Online dating sites provide a variety of options and various love interests that might give you the thrill. Check out our amazing list of single golfers dating sites we have prudently picked out for you.

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Golf Dating

Golf dating is simply dating lovers of golf whether you are a golfer or not. Studies have shown that golfers make awesome lovers and partners. As a nongolfer, it is quite challenging getting to meet up with a golfer. Trying a golf dating site is the easiest way to find your perfect golf mate.

Single female golfer posing with a golf club.

Where to Find Golf Singles

The internet is always available, and you can get tons of results if you run a search for "golf singles." Golf dating websites could just help you hit your target and get that golfing buddy, partner, or date you desire. These sites are mainly used by golfers, male and female inclusive, as well as those on the search for:

  • An expansion of their golf network
  • A traveling partner
  • A partner to play golf with
  • A date
  • A friend

Start Dating

Online Dating for Golfers

You can find golfers at local tournaments or a golf club on Sundays. However, it is awkward walking up to a girl or boy that golfs and pops a question like “are you single and in search of a partner?”

People often resort to golf dating apps and websites to find golf partners. It is a platform where you can find single golf clubs and get to meet single golfers. You could simply be at home in your pajamas, at work, on a stroll and find that perfect Mr. or Miss Right. These people are mainly on the lookout for partners, golfing buddies, etc., who are relatable, passionate about golf, trustworthy, good build-up, etc. Golfers are often tagged with several names such as the excuse giver, the lie improver, the lord of hyperbole, the guy in the shadows, the impulsive, the furry monster, the old guy, Mr. Mood swing, etc.

People also believe your love for the sport is due to the desire for human warmth. As opposed to popular opinions, golf courses are not meant for men and the rich only, there are also sexy female golfers.

Benefits of Dating Golf fan singles

What more is there to having a golf mate who has obvious sporty traits and a long-life span? Golfers are tenacious, patient, committed, responsible, incredibly smart, nice looking. They take relationships seriously and stay committed to their partners. They love showing off their skill and also their partners. They maintain a well-organized life and their love life is not exempt. When dating a golfer, be prepared for PDA, they love to get close. Also, try not to get insecure due to their love for checking out the weather, there almost never is a side chick elsewhere. Did we forget something? Be ready to talk golf, learn, impress, and get impressed.

Golfers on a date.


According to several studies, it has been discovered that golfers make one of the best partners out there against societal stereotypes. They are healthy and agile, sexually and physically active. They are also good-looking. They possess very strong personalities and are passionate lovers. You want a relationship, where you don’t have to worry if he is cheating on you or not, try golf dating. A table of golfers’ dating sites has been provided for you to get the best golf dating experience. Endeavor to keep to this space for quick and trusted updates on dating sites for golfers.


How to meet a golfer?

To meet that single golfer, try single golfers dating sites and sign up for single golf clubs. The internet is a wild place to be and searching for a partner could possibly expose you to fraud. We advise you to be cautious and stick to the best golf dating websites, some of which we have suggested.

What do you need to know about golf before a first date?

Golfers are obsessive about the weather, so do not get distressed when you see them looking at their phones or the surroundings. Golfers are stickers to time, so when going on a golf date, be punctual. Read enough about the sport, I mean get your head filled because they love to talk golf. Fixing a date on a Saturday night is a turn-off because golfers cherish Teetime which is mostly on Sundays.

Why are women crazy about golfers?

Women are lovers of abs and thick strong arms which can be found in golfers. They love to see golfers on display and the sweet sensation of watching golfers swing their swing gets them high. Golfers are very athletically built and good looking which is an absolute turn-on. Women simply want a partner who is responsible and devoted to their happiness and golfers are one of the best out there.

Why do golfers avoid gold-diggers?

Golfers are perceived as very rich; hence, they tend to have every Tom Dick and Harry coming after their wealth. They are careful choosing a date or a love interest because nobody wants thieves in their safe or vault.

What to do on a golf date?

As a non-golfer, try impressing your date by suggesting activities that let them exhibit their strength. Golfers love to flaunt their skills and this provides an opportunity to get close. As a golfer who has a golfer date, try keeping it simple so as not to scare your partner off.

Why do golfers make ideal partners?

Golfers are attractive and are great partners because they are sensitive, disciplined, responsible, and dedicated. They learn to live transparently and you get to see them for who they are. They are also great communicators which makes them have stable relationships.

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