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Online dating sites are the world’s best place to look for and find a partner (either for a short-term or long-term relationship) because there are billions of users and your options are endless. Luckily, we have put together some of our favorite, scam-free dating sites just for you to find and meet the partner of your choice.

But if you want to know how to find and meet furries, then keep reading. We have put together everything you need to know about furry dating.

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What is Furry Dating?

Do you know who a furry single is? Well, you won’t be here if you didn’t know. But for those who are new to the whole idea, a furry is a person that is highly interested in anthropomorphized animals (i.e. animals that walk on their two legs, have hands, talk, kinda behave like humans). How do you know a furry? He/she has the interest, draws furries, dresses like them, and most likely watches/reads things on them.

If this excites you in any way, then you are either a furry or you would love to meet one. And it’s no shame. Furries are now widely celebrated in many parts of the world as a creative way of life and a sexual fetish. Furry community sites have been set up in many locations, and they all began online.

Start Dating

Furry Community — Where and How to Start?

The best place to meet furries is on furry dating sites. It is the number one place to look for furry singles to date. However, if you are interested in a long-term relationship, you might have your work cut out for you because there are more furry hookup sites than those where you can find a furry to marry.

They are mostly looking for one-time dates, one-night stands, hookups, short relationships, or casual relationships plus sex. So, if you are down for that, you begin your furry search right now.

Furry singles are also not so different from every other person, and no, they don’t wear the suit ALL THE TIME. In the actual case, not all furries own a suit. They behave quite normally and hate when you make offensive jokes (like comparing them directly with an animal).

So if you were expecting a socially awkward, dysfunctional, sexually deviant, always-in-a-suit person? Then no. You have got it all wrong.

Furry community.

Common Features of a Furry Date

Though there are many furry sex sites, they are not all about sex and sexual fetishes. Don’t be surprised when your furry date gets pissed when you talk only about furry sex during your date.

Here are few pointers that could help you out when dating a furry:

  • They are normal people too;
  • Don’t ask for their suits - not all of them have one;
  • Most of them are fans than fetishists;
  • They don’t all think they are animals;
  • There is more to them than their furry love.

So, ready to hit some furry dating sites? Here’s what you need to know.

Dating sites for furries are countless online. There are free furry dating sites as well as the ones that are paid for. There are also the normal dating websites and the ones where you can find many furry hookups.

But despite all the benefits of dating sites (including convenience, many options for partners, reduced fear of rejection, and so on), it could be bad if you don’t use the right dating site. Regarding how to find a good one you could follow our steps on how to choose the right site:

  1. Choose a niche - in this case, furry dating.
  2. Look for as many dating sites that you can find for meeting furries.
  3. Cross out the ones with bad reviews online.
  4. Create a dating profile on the ones you have chosen (with your desired username, and bio. Don’t add your profile picture and credit card info just yet).
  5. Look for the search bar, and enter your search preference.
  6. Then note the following: how many have logged in recently and how many you like from the first 30 options.
  7. The ones that pass the test are most likely good options.

But you can always pick from the options we have provided in the table above for an easy way out.


Have you learned something new on furry dating? Do you now know how furries behave generally? If you have found this article helpful (which we are sure you have), stick around because we always provide quality and quick updates on any new information on the best online dating sites - and you won’t want to miss that.

Furry personals are having fun.


How to meet furries?

Furries are everywhere in the world. You can meet a furry at school, at your workplace, at a coffee shop, or at a gathering. But the best place to meet a furry is online. All you have to do is visit any furry community site online and there you go.

What to know about dating a furry person?

A furry fan or fetishist is not an abnormal or socially awkward person. They are people that have a special interest in anthropomorphized animals. If you want to know more about dating a furry, read the section on ‘common features of a furry date.

Are there any dating apps for people in the furry community?

Yes, there are many furry dating apps. Some are free and others are paid for. Just ensure that you stay away from catfishes and scam furry dating apps.

Do furry dating sites work?

Yes, they work. Although some have been banned or shut down. But you can still find some legit dating sites for furries online.

What is the best furry dating site?

It is pretty difficult to choose on dating site as the best. But the best furry dating site is the one that suits your criteria has a lot of furry singles and is easy to use. And there are a lot of those types in our table.

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