Questions To Ask on a First Date

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There’s nothing like that giddy feeling you get before a first date. Though you might feel anxious, the nervous feeling is also excitement and anticipation. But, what if you’re worried about making the right impression? What if you make a fool of yourself? What if it’s awkward? It’s easy to fall into a worrying mindset when gearing up to meet a date. It can be a nerve-inducing situation, but there are some methods you can take to prepare. If you know you suffer from anxiety and your mind goes blank when you meet someone new, consider scheduling some questions before the date just in case.

Keep on reading to explore which questions you should be asking on the first date.

Why Should You Prepare Questions?

Before we jump into the best questions, we’ll quickly cover why it’s essential to have a few questions in mind. When you’re meeting someone new, the conversation can grind to a halt - especially if both parties are nervous. A couple of talking points will help you both relax and get to know each other.

First date questions help you:

  • Learn more about your date. You never really know someone until you ask!
  • They fill any potential awkward silences.
  • Prepared questions don’t have to be serious. They can keep the conversation light and relaxed too.
  • Asking questions shows that you’re a good listener. Conversations are two-way streets, so make sure not to speak about yourself the whole time!

First dates can be scary for all of us, but at the end of the day, you should remember that the other person is probably nervous too. When you take a step back and remember you’re both human, you’ll likely feel a lot better about the situation. When you’re dating, always remember to take it slow and easy.

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The Top First Date Questions

Have you got a pen and paper ready? These are the best questions to ask when you’re on a first date. Make sure you memorize two or three when you’re about to meet a new love interest.

1. Do You Make Your Bed Every Morning?

This question seems trivial and perhaps even weird to ask when you first meet someone. However, it can reveal a lot about them. One of the critical goals of a first date is to get to know the other person. Asking if they make their bed or not lets you know about their morning routines, daily habits, and whether or not they’re compatible with you! If your date leaves their bed messy all day, whereas you get up and make it straight away, you may not have so much in common.

2. What Was Your First Job?

Asking about their first job is a great way to break the ice. Most of us have had awkward first job encounters, making for fun stories on a date. Use this topic to get to know each other casually. If you don’t want to talk about jobs, you can substitute this topic for clubs, hobbies, or even school exams.

3. What Are Your Priorities?

This topic is slightly broader. However, it allows you to learn more about them. If you are trying to avoid serious issues or deep conversations, you might want to ignore this question. But, if you’d rather delve straight into the serious discussions, this is an excellent question to start with. This could help you learn about their work-life, religion, or even their general morals.

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4. What Does Your Average Weekend Look Like?

We all have the same amount of hours on the weekend, but we don’t all spend them the same way. Asking how your date spends their weekends gives you a glimpse into what they genuinely like. Yes, we all “love” our jobs or careers, but it’s what we do in our free time that counts. You might even discover that you have the same hobbies or likes.

5. What Is Your Most Embarrassing Moment?

This question isn’t for the faint of heart. However, if you’re okay with exposing your embarrassing stories, make sure you ask away. Your date’s answer to this question will show you how goofy they are. Some will give you a funny story, and some won’t. You can decide if you two have the same sense of humor from their answer. Not only that, but a funny story always helps you relax on a first date too.

6. What’s Your Earliest Memory?

Asking about their earlier memory will get them thinking. It will probably get you thinking, too, because who knows when their earliest memory is? Use this topic to transition into their family life if you want to know more about their upbringing.

We all have families, so this is a great way to reach common ground and share family stories.

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7. Describe Your Worst Date

If you are truly stuck for conversation or want to switch the topics onto their dating history, ask them about their worst date. This is a great way to share mutual funny stories without asking difficult questions like “what’s your ex like?”. Side note, if there’s one topic you should probably avoid on a first date, it’s asking about their ex-partner!

8. Would You Like to Do This Again?

Finally, the most crucial question is, “Would you like to do this again?” If you’re going to ask any question on a first date, try this one. Often, we’re so nervous on first dates we forget to check if they want to meet again — even if we’ve had a great time!


Dating isn’t always easy, but there are some ways you can relax and enjoy the first date feeling. Make sure you arrive prepared with questions to get to know them and break the ice. You might even meet “the one.” You’ll never know until you try, so get out there today!

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What to talk about when you first start dating?

Prompt conversation by talking about your hometown, favorite pop culture references, and asking about their hobbies. Also, sharing information about travel experiences can be a great way to connect with others.

What's a deep question to ask a guy?

Do you think of yourself as an introvert or an extrovert? What are you the most grateful for? Which parent do you like better and why?

What's a good open-ended question?

Tell me about your working relationship with your boss. How do you see your career going? Describe the youngsters in this image to me.

What are some personal questions?

Who is the person you look up to? If you had a choice, where would you like to live? What is your greatest phobia? What's your most memorable family vacation experience?

What are random questions to ask a guy?

Which made-up character would you date if given a chance? Do apparitions exist, in your opinion? Have you ever played a joke on someone and gotten away with it? ...

How do you make the first date not awkward?

You can avoid the dreaded awkward silence by being prepared with questions to ask on a first date. Be sure to ask open-ended questions that require more than a yes or no answer, and avoid personal questions until you've established a rapport with your date.

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