Long Distance Dating Sites

Long distance dating.

What do you do when your love language is not-seeing-your-partner-every day?The answer is simple — long distance dating.

While some value physical touch and getting to see their partner every other day of the week, some others appreciate their partners being far away so they can focus on other things in the meantime. People who get into long distance relationships often value the little time they have with their partner knowing that it would be a while before they get to see again.

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Long Distance Dating

Thanks to the internet, online long distance relationships are now possible and sustainable. Yes, there are regular dating sites but not too many people on those sites may want to be in long distance relationships. Due to this, certain dating sites were tailored for those interested in long distance dating. We have provided a list of the top verified sites for long distance online dating below.

The girl communicates with her boyfriend through video communication.

Where to Look for Long Distance Relationship Partner

If you’re looking for a long distance relationship, you’re in the right place. Without mincing words, there are two primary sources for finding long distance relationship partners.

  1. By asking the people you like if they are interested in long distance dating or;
  2. Scouting long distance websites online

If you ask us, we would choose the latter for ease and peace of mind.

Start Dating

Online Long Distance Dating

Many times, romantic relationships start from friendships with platonic interests. After a while, things they once overlooked would become serious issues like distance. This ends up ruining the relationship and formerly existing friendship in some cases.

By finding a partner online, you can be sure of one thing – they are already comfortable with dating someone they may not see for a long while. This eliminates one big hurdle for your relationship and reduces conflicts associated with distance. All you need to do is find a compatible and understanding partner on any of the remote dating sites and you could be on your way to having the best relationship you’ve ever had.

Benefits of Long Distance Dating

We already mentioned that people in online long distance relationships tend to value each other’s time more because of the limited time they get to spend together but that’s not all the good stuff about online long distance dating. Other amazing and helpful benefits include:

  • Both partners get to create memorable events: since most meetings would be well-planned ahead, partners often dedicate so much time and effort to creating the best memories for each other. They get to make research in line with what their partner loves and adores to give them an experience that would linger in their hearts for the next couple of weeks or months before they get to see each other again. Additionally, meeting a partner on an online long distance dating site encourages both partners to document more of their lives so that the other person gets to share their experiences. Within a few months of dating, partners may have to create a folder or online gallery for their "significant other".
  • You get to find out if what you feel is infatuation or love: frequent physical contact could cause anyone to develop feelings for another and at the end of the day, the line between infatuation and love is blurred. With online distant relationships, the line can be sharpened once again. When you only get to see the one you claim to love a couple of times in a year, touch them fewer times than you visit the hospital, and kiss them only on special events, you would find yourself falling more for them or drifting away. If the latter is the case, then it could mean that you aren’t suited for remote relationships or what you felt initially was just infatuation. Either way, getting into that relationship was a learning process for you.
  • Your communication skills improve over time: with nothing else to do but call, text, and facetime, both parties would have to make the conscious decision to be better communicators. Written messages have a way of conveying information in ways that could sound offensive to some even when the intention behind them was sweet. As a result, partners would have to learn how the other person interprets certain messages and pick their choice of words and emojis wisely.

The guy blows a kiss.

When it comes to conflict resolution, both parties would have to be intentional about the things they say and type to avoid escalating the situation or hurting the other person. This may be difficult in the early phase of any online long distance relationship but with time, both partners would get better at it which would also improve their relationships with those around them.


The best part about long distance relationships is that you get to learn more about yourself than even your partner. You would find yourself getting pissed off at things you thought you could tolerate. Overall, long distance dating causes you to builds self-awareness which is one of the most valuable attributes anyone can have.


How to start dating long distance?

The first step to long distance dating is finding a suitable partner but that would come after finding the right website for long distance relationships. We have provided a list of the top online dating sites above so you can refer to them and begin swiping for your future long distance partner.

Why is it difficult to have long distance dating?

Long distance dating is not particularly difficult but it requires more time, effort and intentionality which some people aren’t ready to offer. With the right person and the right attitude, dating long distance is worth doing. Nonetheless, a long distance relationship may not work no matter the effort being put, if a partner's love language is physical touch.

How to do long distance dating?

Talk with your partner about the possibilities of dating long distance and if you happen to find that partner on a long distance relationship site, then they should be fully informed on what they are about to go into. Discuss important factors like how frequently you would get to see, how easy is it for both partners to travel and who is in a better position to travel more.

What are the pros and cons of dating a long distance?

One of the pros of dating a long distance partner is the appreciation of time and memories. And what about cons? Maybe the money spent travelling back and forth. Regardless, the pros outweigh the cons of being in long distance relationships.

How to choose the best long distance dating site?

Read the reviews provided for the sites and see if you can find anyone you know who has tried any of those sites before. Better still, read up our recommendations on the top online dating sites.

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