List of First Date Mistakes You Should Avoid

Mistakes of first dating.

The first date is pertinent where starting a relationship is concerned. Typically, a first date happens at a time both people know little about each other. In that sense, a first date is a sort of a fact-finding mission. You both want to get to know each other better to see if you're compatible.

But wait! Often, we go into first dates unprepared and end up confused when we get ghosted. But that's why we're here; to help you go in ready!

Common Mistakes People Make on the First Date

Ever gone on a date, and you never hear from the person again? Yeah, it's happened to many of us. Sometimes, it's not our fault, but we might have gone in without adequate preparedness.

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Here are some first-date mistakes to avoid.

1. Missing first dates

Perhaps you've had bad dates in the past, or you've been in relationships that ended sour, now you're scared to go on another date. But missing the first date isn't the way to go. It might be challenging, but you never know what good could come if you don't try!

2. Selecting a wrong location

The location you pick for a first date determines the activities you can perform and affect the quality of the date. Going to a concert on a first date is probably not a good idea. Why? Because you are trying to get to know each other. And that's difficult to do at a concert. It's best to pick a location that encourages conversation, like a coffee shop.

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3. Being uptight and guarded

A first date should neither be a sad affair nor a warzone. It's natural to feel like you need to put on airs or be stiff, but relax and let your hair down. If they don't like that version of you, they aren't worth it.

4. Talking about yourself alone

A first date is a chance for you to learn about each other. That cannot happen if you spend the whole time talking about yourself. Be generous with the conversation and let the other person get a chance to talk too.

5. Getting too drunk

While you should relax, don't relax to the point that you get drunk and end up being embarrassing. Go easy on the drinks, would you?

A man got drunk on the first date.

6. Setting your expectations too high

First impressions are important, but they aren't the whole story. Try not to place your expectations of a person at the first meeting too high. Maybe they are as anxious as you and need some time to warm up to you. Give them some grace.


First dates aren't easy. They hold infinite potential for great pleasure as well as great heartbreak. However, they can be a learning experience for you, if not necessarily a fun one. If things do not work out, you can at least cross one more person off your list. There's nothing really to be afraid of, so go for it!

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What should I avoid doing on a first date?

It's easy to make mistakes on a first date, but those can also be avoided. Try not to hog the conversation, get too drunk, or be cagey. Most of all, try to have fun.

Where should I go for a first date?

Choosing a location where you can both have a conversation (like a cafe or a pub) is your best option. But you could also choose a place where you can carry out a fun activity (like a park or the beach).

Should I be scared to go on a first date?

New experiences are always scary, but you shouldn't run from them because of that. They can also be fun! If you are referring to an issue of physical security, try having the date in a public place to ease your mind.

What is the biggest mistake people make on a first date?

The biggest mistake people make on first dates is trying too hard to impress their date. This can come across as being arrogant or fake, and it can make your date feel uncomfortable.

What are the red flags on a first date?

Some red flags on a first date include: talking about your ex, being rude to the waitstaff, and being late. These things would make most people not want to go on a second date with you.

What are common dating mistakes?

Some common dating mistakes include: not being yourself, trying to change yourself for the other person, and moving too fast. These are all things that can turn a potential relationship into a disaster.

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