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Goth girl.

Gothic has become more than a lifestyle for those deeply engrossed in it. It is far beyond having some eerie fashion sense, or being a fan of mysterious music, or loving the color black.

If you are that goth who wants to meet a goth-like person who is as obsessed with goth as you, or you are a non-goth who is attracted to gorgeous goth girls because of their guts and unusualness, but you're worried about how to hook up with one. Worry no more. Goth girls are not so different from ordinary girls. Though they enjoy spending time with like-minded people, they have also been known for falling in love with non-gothic people.

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It gets arduous sometimes looking for other goth singles. You simply can't keep going from one gothic club to the other in search of your perfect goth. The online community has created an avenue for gothic individuals to express themselves and show society their core. The internet has a network for those who are part of or have an interest in this subculture, in order to connect and probably date.

In recent times, the internet has been filled with several free goth dating sites and it has become very challenging figuring out which sites are best. As such, we have meticulously created a table of quality goth dating websites to aid your search.

Goth Dating

Are you a lover of the gothic, mysteries, or the eerie? In search of more than the normal? Then this article is for you. Most gothic people daily fantasize about goth dating but are skeptical about it. While many surf online dating sites in a bid to get access to real goth dating, others end up in fake sites with fake goths, posing as real. Let us be your alternative dating guide, providing answers to your many questions.

Single goth.

Where to look for goth singles?

The goth sites are filled with tons of individuals who are lovers of the goth and the goths themselves who are unabashedly afraid. The users of these websites are mainly goth singles and a few non-goths in search of:

  • Friends
  • A date
  • Romantic relationships
  • Hookups
  • Goth’s significant other

Start Dating

Online dating for the goth singles

Most goths single have resolved to gothic dating sites because they have been misinterpreted and shunned by society. The free gothic dating site is just the place to be without having to explain yourself. You are viewed by society as depressed loners who “are rebelling against the society”, which is plainly prejudice because most youth rebel against society but does this make them goth? Due to your love for the color black and unusual makeup, you're considered dark and share an affinity with satanic practices. Why bother about such bias when there is a community filled with goth singles where you can meet goth singles and go on a free goth dating?

People are of the perception that goths are extremely dangerous due to reports linking serial killings to gothic scenes. In High School movies, goths are mostly cast as villains when in reality, you are the victims.

Benefits of dating goth singles

In contrast to stereotypes out there, a goth just wants to have fun. They are humorous, creative, expressive, open-minded, and highly intelligent. Some amazing qualities about goths:

  • They are very in touch with their emotions
  • They are extremely open and the best choice of partner if you're on your way to self-discovery
  • They share a spirit of oneness that never makes you feel awkward while in their midst
  • They are courageous and rarely give a hoot about what people think
  • They're amazing sex partners

So, if you are really into goth girls and boys, be ready to be swept off your feet. Goths possess a sense of humor that adds vibrancy to life. They are highly optimistic and expressive, as such they make great partners and could be your greatest fan and cheerleader. They are generally supportive in their relationships. Get ready to be blown away (winks) as their creativity is at its peak whenever they pull off a surprise. They're also great sex partners, so get ready for awesome sex life. And as a bonus, you get to live a life of less laundry, since black is a thing.

The goth guy smokes.


Everyone is allowed to choose their love interest and should not be constrained by baseless conventions. As goth or goth lovers, we understand how searching for the perfect dating sites for goths may feel complicated sometimes. However, with our selected alternative dating sites which are very friendly, some of which allow you to fill in your BDSM role to enable you to embrace your eccentric lifestyle, it could be a walk in the park.


How to meet a goth?

You could meet goths in the gothic clubs and events, as goths love being in a community of friends. You could also join closed Facebook groups that have restrictive rules. The most common and effective platform for meeting goths singles is the alternate dating sites.

What do you need to know about goths before a first date?

Goths are not what society tags as usual, so avoid having some form of expectations, especially as regards their dress sense. They are great lovers of rock music, so don't be left out, get familiar with them. Goths hate the mall, so when picking a location for your first date, never pick a mall. They also hate mass media, so avoid initiating discussions regarding news, entertainment, etc.

What are the dating stereotypes about goths?

Here are some goth dating stereotypes:

  • Goth girls are tagged attention whores by most masochistic individuals.
  • People tend to say goth dates don't live up to stereotypes.
  • They are considered completely insane by non-gothic dates.

What to do on a goth date?

Goths love black, adding at least a touch of black to the outfit shows them your interest. Be flexible and alive, don't get all gloomy. Avoid gawking, even if it's a good kind of awe, they have enough people out there doing that. Stay committed to communicating with your goth date.

What is the best dating site for goths?

The best gothic dating site is one that gives room for gothic chats among goth singles and a goth dating app where you meet goth singles.

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