How to Break Up with Someone

Couple break up on the sofa.

No one enjoys breakups. Ending a relationship is a tough task that is difficult for everyone. However, sometimes your relationship has run its course and its time end the partnership. Though this is sad, it must be done.

However, there are certain actions you should avoid when initiating a breakup. If you want to minimize hurt and make the situation as pleasant as possible, keep reading.

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Key Tips to Remember

Breakups rarely happen spontaneously. Often, you’ve been battling the feeling that you need to end the situation in your head for a while. Always remember to think long and hard before ending the relationship, as you might not be able to re-initiate afterward.

If you’re ready to make the decision, use these tips to help you navigate the breakup.

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1. Don’t Wait

When you are certain about your feelings, don’t draw the situation out. It’s best to get the break-up over with. This stops you from losing sleep over the decision, plus it’s fairer to your partner. If you don’t want to be romantically linked with them anymore, don’t fake it — end the relationship as soon as possible.

2. Always Be Kind

There are always messy feelings and heightened emotions during a breakup. It’s also common for tensions to rise as one person might become angry. This is relatively normal, but make sure you don’t act out. Always put kindness first and treat your partner how you would want to be treated. This will create a smoother breakup and it will stop your emotions from getting the better of you.

3. Avoid Talking About What They’ve Done Wrong

Breakups can easily turn into a blame game or a list of all the things the other party has done wrong. Remember to avoid telling your partner everything they do that annoys you. This won’t help the situation at all, it usually makes it even worse. Instead, explain how your feelings have changed and don’t go into in-depth detail about their shortcomings.

Couple talking about what they have done wrong.

4. Be Clear

One of the most important tips is to be clear and direct. Since no one enjoys initiating a breakup, they often find it hard to get to the point. This can cause confusion and hurt, so it’s best to put your feelings and what you want out there. Make sure it’s clear that you want to break up, otherwise, your partner might still think that you’re in a relationship.

5. Don’t Use Cliches

Another key tip to note is to stay away from relationship cliches. We’ve all heard “It’s not you, it’s me” before. If you use these common phrases, the breakup won’t feel personal, and there will be a lack of closure. If you’ve shared a committed relationship with this person, don’t reduce your experience down to a set of phrases used in films and TV. It can also leave the person feeling angry and upset that you’re not taking the situation seriously.

6. Don’t Give Fake Promises

In the midst of a breakup, you might feel pressured to end the situation on a positive note. Breakups come with feelings of guilt and sadness, so often the person initiating the breakup assures the other they can remain friends. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible, so if you know you need a period of “no contact”, be honest about it. It’s tough, but honesty is the best policy here.

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7. Avoid Texting

Of course, this isn’t always possible as you might be in a long-distance relationship, but if you can avoid breaking up via text. A relationship involves two people, so for the best communication, the breakup should happen in person or over a voice call. Any less could be considered insulting.


Breakups are tough, there are no two ways about it. But, if you go into the situation with clear wants and needs, you’re more likely to achieve a satisfying outcome.

Remember that your partner deserves honesty and accountability. Be honest with them, but don’t make fake promises and don’t use cliche lines.

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How Do You Break Up with Someone You Care About?

Ending a relationship when you care about your partner can be even tougher. In this case, it’s even more crucial to be kind, take their feelings into account, and break up with them in person. Honor the relationship by taking your time and not rushing the breakup.

When should you quit a relationship?

The most important thing is, to be honest with yourself. If you're unhappy in the relationship, it's time to end things. It's also important to consider your partner's feelings.

How do I know my relationship is over?

There are many signs that a relationship is ending. If you're fighting all the time, if you don't communicate, or if you've grown apart, it may be time to break up.

What to say to end a relationship?

Being respectful and honest is important when you break up with someone. You can say, "I'm not happy in this relationship. I think it's time for us to end things."

Is it OK to break up over text?

No, it's not OK to break up over text. Having a face-to-face conversation is important so you can both express your feelings. Plus, breaking up over text is just rude.

What's the best day to break up with someone?

There's no perfect day to break up with someone, but you should try to do it on a weekday, so your partner has time to process the news. You don't want to do it on a Friday night and then have your partner sit around all weekend feeling sad.

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