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Legs in pantyhose and heels on a red background.

Do you have a special liking to a woman’s pedicure, pay extra attention to a woman’s legs, or are you turned on by the idea of licking feet and sucking toes? Then you are a foot fetish. And it is okay to have fetishes, it’s what makes us unique as human beings.

You can experience all the chocolate of your sexual fetish online on foot fetish dating sites. Heck, there are even some foot fetish communities and groups that you can join online and meet foot fetish partner. And if you also want to find a foot fetish single or a date who is into foot fetishists, this is also the best foot fetish place to start.

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But we understand that you might be newbie to the whole thing. It’s why we have taken our time to select only the best foot fetish dating sites that are good for you. They have been compiled on a table, and we offer them to try it now! Look through, and track down your foot fetish lover.

What is Foot Fetish Dating?

Foot fetish personals are not sexual deviants or perverts who want to eat your legs or something. So, if you were thinking that, drop the thought. There are a lot of things people don’t know about foot fetishists and that’s why many people get creep out or feel feet-conscious when they meet foot fetish single.

A foot fetish personals is like every other man. He loves a person’s personality, digs regular sexual practices, doesn’t talk about feet all day, and he does not have a giant feet sculpture in the center of his living room. He is just a regular guy that to find foot fetish.

And if are here because you absolutely, 100% want a foot fetish partner, but can’t seem to find one (it’s not written on their heads), then this is also the right foot fetish place for you to be. Soon, in the next sections, we would show you all the tips and tricks to meet a foot fetish partner and make him yours.

Foot fetish.

Foot Fetish Dating Community — Where And How To Start?

How to begin with feet fetish dating sites? Step one — register. But you gotta know some things about the foot fetish community first. Foot dating sites and apps are where people with a foot fetish meet and it is filled with either foot fetish lovers or those who interested in a person with a foot fetish. Therefore, you can meet thousands of people from anywhere in the world on any foot fetish dating site.

But, don’t begin your search looking for the wrong things. The people that are active on feet dating websites are mostly there for hookups, casual dates, and any other sexual-related relationship. You can also find some users that are open to a serious relationship that would go long-term. However, if you are looking for foot fetish singles that is willing to stop at friendship, your search preference would be harder to find.

And when you are on a foot fetish single, there are a few things you can expect from them (since it is a general behavior among foot fetishists). One, a foot fetish partner would most likely comment on your feet, so make sure to pay attention to them when dressing up. A dress that shows off the legs is also a good way to go. And overall, DON’T tell a feet joke, they might ruin the foot fetish date.

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Common Features of a Foot Dating

A person with a foot fetish has some characters that might be distinct and different from yours. And this behavior is general to all foot fetishists. It would be advisable to familiarize yourself with a few features of your date before going out to the movies for a nice date.

Here are some common features of a person with a feet fetish:

  • They would talk about your legs and foot. Either it is a compliment or the opposite, they can’t keep mute about your legs.
  • They are crazy about shoes. Look at their shoes, it’s either cute or expensive. That’s the way they ride.
  • DO NOT step on their toes. Do you know how much it took to get them to look perfect?
  • They don’t stare at the feet 100% of the time. They are not some psychopaths that can’t get enough of feet.
  • And finally, a foot fetishist is a good conversationalist. Talk to them about anything, and you will get an active reply. Except for a few, they are usually really smart.
  • Other features of a person with a foot fetish are that they are funny, observant, sensitive, and care about their body.

Feet touching.


But you cannot hit this jackpot until you create a dating profile with a good online dating site. With a good dating profile, you can also filter the kind of people that will chat you up. A dating profile includes a display picture, a bio, your credit card information, and your preferences (hobbies, dislikes, likes, etc.).

To avoid landing a fake or a scam dating site, research the dating site before you join the community. Or you can pick one from the options we have provided in our table.


How to find a foot fetish date?

Register and join a foot fetish dating website to find a person with a feet fetish as a date. And you don’t have to leave your comfort zone to do this. You can even date someone from another country which helps to create new adventures.

Could a foot fetish partner be right for you?

This depends on what you want. If you are interested in legs and feet, or you would like a person to pay attention to your beautiful legs, then a foot fetish partner is a good partner for you. Start chatting up on now.

Do foot fetish dating sites work?

Dating sites with foot fetish communities are few online, and they work. Though some are scams, free, real, or paid for, they all work. You just need to be sure that you don’t sign up for a scam one.

Are foot fetish dating sites safe?

Just like all dating sites, some are fake and are out to scam you of your money. Some others have users that want to use people’s personal information to harm. To stay safe, refrain from filling in sensitive details about yourself (such as credit card info or home address) immediately.

What is the best foot fetish dating site?

It is the one that has good reviews online, many foot fetish singles, and is actively being used by many people online. It can either be free or paid for. And you can find some options on our table provided above..

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