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Arab single woman looking for her soulmate on a dating site.

There has historically been a lot of stigma surrounding romantic relationships between people of different races or cultures, but many individuals and couples have fought back against this in recent decades. This greater acceptance of interracial and intercultural relationships has allowed more people to experience the benefits being with someone from another culture.

A partner from another culture can bring new experiences and adventures to your life. Dating an Arab, for example, can give you the opportunity to learn the Arabic language, enjoy the food of their home country, and combine their cultural values with your own.

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Finding a potential partner from an Arab country can be difficult. The Arab world is diverse, and there is no one appearance, fashion, or way of speaking that is shared by all Arabs. This means that it’s impossible to tell, when meeting a stranger in a casual setting, if they come from an Arabic culture. Fortunately, with online dating, it’s easy to find a partner from any culture you are interested in. You can check our top ten list to find reputable, easy-to-use dating sites for Arabs.

Since the culture may be very different from your own, you’re probably unclear on some of the details about dating an Arab. Fortunately, we have the answers.

Where to Meet Arab Singles?

Dating is often frowned upon in traditional Arab culture, so active users of Arab dating websites are likely younger, more progressive individuals who are expanding the boundaries of the culture’s rules on relationships. They may also be people who have lived with Western culture as well as Arab culture and therefore already live by a combination of the different cultures’ values.

However, even those who are interested in dating are not likely to consider casual dating or hookups acceptable. Most Arabs on dating sites want a partner who is ready to be serious, committed to them, and involved in a potentially lifelong partnership.

Arab woman in a black headscarf.

Are Arab Women Dating Sites Different from Those for Men?

If you’re worrying about what sites are best for finding a partner of the gender you’re interested in, you can rest easy. The experience of a site may be slightly different for different genders, but since most sites are used by both, you shouldn’t have a problem, regardless of the site you choose to use.

Benefits of Dating an Arab Person

The culture of Arab people makes them ideal long-term partners. Anyone looking for someone to build a home with will enjoy the benefits of dating an Arab person, such as:

  • Loyalty: Arab culture is very much based around loyalty to one’s immediate family. As someone’s serious partner or spouse, you are their closest family, and they will be intensely loyal to you as long as you do the same; they will never be unfaithful or put something else before you.
  • Parenting: the roles of the father and mother are important in Arab culture, and to neglect your duties in this role is considered dishonorable by most. Generally, an Arab father provides for and protects his wife and children, and an Arab mother raises and educates the children at home, which may appeal to you if you subscribe to traditional values. With global changes in the societal roles of women, however, many Arab people have adopted a more equal approach to parenting, so you shouldn’t assume that you will be confined to a strictly traditional role as a father or mother.
  • Hospitality: of course, you should expect hospitality from your partner, but when dating an Arab person, you can also expect it from anyone you meet through them. Arab hospitality is famous, and the family members, friends, and acquaintances of your partner will always offer you a warm welcome. This will make the process of becoming part of the family less stressful, and it may make traveling in your partner’s home country more comfortable, as well.

Arab singles on a date stroll along the beach.

Stereotypes about Arab People

There are some negative stereotypes in Western culture about the behavior of Arab people in relationships, but these are mostly due to misinterpretation.

  • Control: Arab men are often seen as manipulative partners who control every aspect of their partners’ lives, but many Arab couples consider themselves to be true equal partnerships, and often the woman is considered “in charge” at home.
  • Abstinence: it’s commonly thought that Arabs do not engage in any sexual activity before marriage, mostly for religious reasons. While some activities are reserved for marriage, many Arab people would say that the letter of the law does allow for a sexual relationship when dating, perhaps with a little creativity.
  • Polygamy: although it is allowed for Arab Muslim men to have multiple wives in almost every Arab country, the practice is falling out of favor. Most young Arab adults feel that polygamy is not compatible with modern society and prefer the idea of finding one “true love” partner.

How to Make your Dating Profile More Appealing to Arab People

Most Arab people will find your dating profile more attractive if it shows that your values and lifestyle are compatible with theirs. For example, if your family is an important part of your life, make that clear with your photos or in your bio.

Religion can present some complications, as 93% of Arab people are Muslim, and strict followers of Islam may only marry people of certain religions. If you yourself are Muslim, Jewish, or Christian, highlighting this fact can make your profile more appealing to an Arab person than those of people from other religions.

Start Dating

Every intercultural relationship will face its own unique challenges, but with our tips and recommendations for the best Arab dating sites, we think you will find many of those challenges easy to handle.

Come back to this article for updates on the best dating sites!


How do I choose the best Arab dating site?

You can choose the best dating site by checking out our top ten list of trustworthy sites and deciding which platform offers the user experience that best suits you.

Are there sites for an Arab hookup?

There may not be sites exclusively for Arab hookups, but there are casual dating sites on which you could probably find a hookup easily. Unless a site leans heavily into the idea of finding your “soul mate”, there will probably be others who use the site to look for hookups.

Are there free Arab dating sites?

Yes! Many Arab dating sites are free to create an account and get started on. Some others may offer a free trial period, after which you’ll have to pay, or a free “basic” version with the option to pay for a higher-level membership.

What is Arab dating like in the United States?

Arabs in the United States may be more familiar with Western culture, making it easier to find common ground. However, the United States is a place where you may have to deal with other people judging your partner or relationship based on stereotypes.

What should I know about dating an Arab guy?

Most Arab guys just want you to respect their culture, their religion, and their intentions in the relationship. If you want the same thing and treat each other with respect, you shouldn’t find the cultural differences as startling as you might think.

What’s it like dating an Arab woman?

Arab women may be more conservative or traditional than Western women. This may mean that they are less willing to engage in sexual activity before marriage, but it also means that they may be very focused on the home and the upbringing of children, should you marry and have any.

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