Sober Dating Sites

Refraining from drinking alcohol.

The importance of shared interests and values can never be downplayed when it comes to dating. Relationships with people of similar interests make it a lot more convenient to navigate periodic challenges and life at large.

Dating is more fun when your partner shares the same value, as they perfectly understand your situation and would never mock you for it. You may not feel comfortable sharing your interests with new acquaintances met under physical real-world circumstances, for the fear of being called a freak.

Also, you may find it difficult to meet ‘suitors’ who share the same interest with you, especially those interests or values that are not so obvious and self-telling - like sobriety. But thanks to technology for the introduction of dating apps, whether you never take alcohol, taking a break from it, or fighting addiction, you can easily set up a profile on any sober dating app to make friends, hook up, or date. Here are some of the best sober dating sites where you can easily register and find a match.

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Sober Dating

You don’t drink at all? Grabbing a drink is the most common first date in western civilization, you may find yourself giving in to this because you do not want to come off as weird or disappoint a potential partner since they may find dating a non-drinker absurd. But if you find a match on any sober dating app, both of you will automatically opt for a first date that does not include drinks; at least not alcoholic drinks.

The beauty of sober dating becomes more evident if you are still battling addiction. Imagine meeting someone via sober dating sites, connecting with them, and finding out they were seriously addicted in the past too but have now been sober for years. This person will understand what you are going through -a hundred percent. They will share with you personal tips that helped them get through those trying years, how they handled/handle temptations, and so on, In many ways, they will be of immense help to your sobriety journey.

Maybe you just wish to make friends; people you can tell your story without being judged or stigmatized. Your regular friends in your daily life may love you but still not genuinely understand or know what your sober life entails. They may unknowingly pull unwanted triggers from time to time.

If your situation is that you are recovering from addiction, I bet it is enough to work trying not to relapse, why add an extra ton by dating someone who may not understand you. Why not look for prospective partners in your own community, an online space where you can be yourself and still get what you want; make friends, hook up or fall in love with other sober singles.

Sober singles on a date are drinking coffee and laughing.

Where to Look for Sober Singles

Sober dating is made easier with the availability of lots of amazing sober dating apps, where you can connect with other sober singles around you. Active users on sober dating websites include:

  • People battling with addiction
  • People in the recovery process
  • People that have been ‘clean’ for a long time

Other users may include:

  • From scratch non-drinkers
  • People taking a short break from drinking due to personal or health reason

Different people opt for sober dating online for various reasons. While some just want to hook up or make friends, some are looking to date and probably make life-long partners. Others may also register in search of recovery buddies or sobriety mentors.

Start Dating

Online Dating for Sober

As stated earlier, an online dating site is the easiest way to find people with similar values as you. In the outside world, people you meet don’t go about with ‘sober’ written on their foreheads, hence, you may not find it easy to get a suitable match. Unlike sober dating websites where you can already know the category of sobriety to which someone belongs merely by looking at their bio or profile.

Sober singles use sober dating sites for reasons such as:

  1. The peace that comes with being ‘you’ not being judged
  2. Mentor-Mentee relationships
  3. Meeting other people like them
  4. Having people that they can relate to

Benefits of Dating a Sober

  • Sober people usually have an increased sense of responsibility than normal people. They tend to be more accountable in their dealings.
  • Another interesting fact about sober people is their level of self-control. Although it is meant to be only in the aspect of drinking, research has shown that this self-control also affects other areas of their lives.
  • Heightened commitment is an attribute peculiar to sober people.
  • Sober dating especially helps both parties to face challenges. They can provide moral support for each other in their recovery programs.
  • When dating a sober person, you don’t have to worry about annoying hangovers or drunk tantrums people throw when they have excess to drink.
  • A funny but valid benefit of dating sober singles is that you do not have to bear the after-drink bad breath of drinking partners after they have had some.

Single sober girl reading a book.


Endeavor to comply with the rules and be honest in your interactions to have an amazing experience. Finally, be sure to get the latest updates and information on the best new dating apps on our website.


Where can I meet a couple if I’m not drinking?

There is no doubt that sober dating sites remain the most reliable platforms to meet people if you are not drinking. However, you may be lucky to meet people who are very understanding in normal daily life circumstances.

How to date without the booze?

Normally, booze shouldn’t be such a prominent factor in dating. But since it is one of the most common social ways to have fun, it has now become somewhat “important” in dating. Drinking is fun, no argument. But there are many ways to spice up your dating life. Get to know your partners and find common interests that can give you both the booze-like thrill.

Does drinking or not drinking affect your date?

Yes and No. It all depends on who you are dating. This is why sober dating is recommended. If you are dating someone who is sober like you, they automatically understand you not drinking. This will not affect your date in any way. Nonetheless, some people who are not sober may be very understanding and have no issues with you not drinking.

How do you have fun if you are not going to drink alcohol?

There are many ways to have fun without drinking alcohol. You can go for dates in casual eateries, hiking, arcade games. Spa dates and movie nights are also great ways to have fun without drinking alcohol. If you will not get so tempted to take alcohol, you can still go to bars and opt for non-alcoholic cocktails.

How to choose the best sober dating site?

There are lots of amazing sober dating platforms available on the internet. We have taken up the task to compile some of the best dating sites. Explore some of the featured options and stick to the one that works best for you.

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