Widower Dating Sites

The widower came to the cemetery to honor the memory of his deceased wife.

Losing a spouse is a sad thing to happen to anybody; the grief is difficult to deal with. Losing a spouse also means being single all over again. Most widowers and widows swear off dating; notwithstanding the tragedy, life is better with love and romance. After taking time to heal your heart, it is time to look for something new with someone new. Meeting people in person may be challenging and such a huge step to take.

So, the best way to ease into meeting people and dating as widowed singles is through online dating sites. There are over 1,500 dating sites and all these offer platforms to re-introduce you to dating.

However, widower dating sites offer the best value, as you meet people that understand where you have been and give you companionship. Here are the top dating sites where you can meet widowed singles ready to mingle.

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Widower Dating

Widowers are not any different from people who have not lost a spouse. However, because of their experience, dating may be slightly different with. Online dating is a great way for widowers to meet widows and other people interested in them. Online dating lessens the pressure that comes with dating for widowers. We understand that widower dating can be challenging, so we put together all the answers to questions that you have about widower dating and special widower dating sites.

Single widower on a date.

Where to Look for Widower Singles

Widowers are less adventurous, cautious, and like to take things slow. Also, widowers are not new to love and have shared memories with their late partners. Therefore, a dating widower wants companionship, patience, and understanding from a partner. Widows and widowers dating sites are the best places to find the right relationship. Widowed singles typically look for companionship and hook-ups, but some may want a serious relationship and even marriage.

Start Dating

Online Dating for Widowers

Moving on from grief and dating again is a big step for widowers. Generally, there is the desire to get into the waters of the dating scene again with feet first. Also, communities and families of widowed singles may make it challenging to meet and date partners in person. Online dating provides the opportunity to ease into dating as comfortably as possible. Widowed singles looking for a relationship can sign up to widowers dating sites and meet lonely widowers that are understanding and can meet their desired needs.

Widowers are sometimes said to be difficult to date. There have been reports about having to compete with a dead spouse for love, care, and attention. There are also issues like abandonment with widowed singles. They can also be withdrawn and uncommitted. These difficulties are red flags and point to the fact that the widower in question is not fully ready to date.

A great and loving relationship from widows and widowers dating sites don’t just happen by chance. There are ways to set up your account, chat with potential partners, and make the perfect relationship for you.

These are steps to take to help you get a great date with widowed singles on widowers dating sites:

  1. Provide personal information: your profile must show information that you are a relaxed, cheerful, and great person. A little vulnerability shows that you understand the pain and can be with someone that has felt pain and loss. You also need to show your desire to date as a means of getting a companion. If you are a widow seeking widowers, you can include some details about your late partner but make sure you show that you are indeed ready to date again. Adding personal information, for example, your love for pets, and fun hobbies, gives you an advantage. Talk about things that are important to you. Make your dating profile engaging and attractive.
  2. Share great photos: like all dating sites and with all categories of people, sharing great photos is a great way to get a date. Share pictures of you that capture your everyday moments. Pictures from events like volunteering, get-togethers with friends and families are strategic to attract widowers seeking love.
  3. Chatting phase: after setting up your profile and uploading pictures, it is time to match and chat. Chatting is what makes or breaks an opportunity to get a date on widowers dating sites. Maintain a cheerful personality during the chatting phase. Ask general questions but refrain from personal questions (especially questions surrounding the death of the spouse). Be a listening ear if your chat buddy talks about their late partners. Say the truth always.
  4. Meet up and the first date: yay! You made it to the first date. Present yourself as a calm but cheerful person. Dress nice and decent. Be patient but do not be a pushover. Leave an impact for a second date.

Widower in a cemetery holding flowers.

Benefits of Dating a Widower

Benefits of dating a widower include:

  • Maturity: widowers have experienced love before and have the maturity to sustain a loving relationship. You do not have to bother about dealing with an immature partner.
  • Emotional stability: widowers are more stable emotionally and can make logical decisions about the relationship. If a widower is fully ready to date, he is more committed.
  • A loving and empathetic partner: a widower knows what it means to feel pain and understands others feeling pain. Dating a widower assures you of a partner that is empathetic and understands when you’re hurt.


Dating widowers can be a great experience if you play your cards right. Dating sites for widowers are the best place to meet with many widowers looking for love and more. Check out our list of top widowers dating sites. Our list has quality reviews and it is updated as often as necessary.


How to meet a widower?

You can meet a widower on online dating sites. A more specific place is the widowers dating sites. There are even more online dating sites for widowers of a specific age group. Use our list of the best online dating sites for widowers and sign up.

Why do widowers use dating sites?

Widowers want to ease into dating; dating sites provide them the opportunity to do that. Dating sites also create the opportunity to meet more people than in the widowers’ immediate environment.

Why is it difficult to date a widower?

It can be difficult to date a widower because some widowers are still stuck on their dead wives and are not ready to move on. Even with widowers that are ready to date, there may be issues like abandonment issues. Also, widowers may have families and children that may be against dating. Open communication with a widower can eliminate difficulties encountered.

What to expect when dating a widower?

When dating a widower, expect a stable but slow-paced relationship. Expect a little baggage but a lot of empathy with a widower.

How to choose the best widower dating site?

When it comes to choosing the best widower dating sites, you have to look out for how reliable, worthy of being trusted, and what features they offer. Just check out our top table of the best dating sites.

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