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People of every gender, race, ethnicity, category, and ability deserve love, intimacy, and romance. Even with social skills challenges, autistic people are not left out in the desire for companionship. However, because of their uniqueness, dating can be daunting for adults on the autism spectrum. It can be difficult to meet a potential partner in person, form a connection, and date. Online dating sites have made autistic dating so much easier. People can meet adults with autism and build both temporary hook-ups and long-lasting relationships on autistic dating sites. We have put together a table of dating sites that meet the needs of autism dating.

Here is a list of top autism dating websites:

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Autistic Dating

Autistic dating, unlike other types of dating, has peculiarities that make it different from other types of dating. For example, autistics may view a pressure hug as more affectionate than a soft hold. A general misconception is viewing all autistic dating as the same. Autistics are individuals too with specific preferences. Autistic dating sites have proven, repeatedly, to be the best place to meet autistics. Are you on the autism spectrum and thinking of getting on autistic dating sites? Or you’re a “neurotypical” and want to date an autistic on an autistic dating site? Do you have questions? This article answers all your questions and more.

Autistics on a date.

Where to Look for Autistic Singles

Autistic singles have peculiar dating needs. Usually, people on the spectrum are uncomplicated and lovers of romance. They seek serious relationships that will lead to marriage. While autism dating can be done in person, it is rare. Autism dating websites are the perfect place for meeting up and dating someone with autism.

Start Dating

Online Dating for Autistics

Autism spectrum dating is different and requires a compatible match. Autism dating sites present the opportunity for choosing specific autistic criteria that an adult on the autism spectrum wants. It is also easier for people on the spectrum to form connections before meeting their dates in person. An autistic is more likely to choose online dating above any other method of meeting people.

Contrary to stereotypes, autism dating is not boring. Autistics enjoy a fun relationship. They may have problems with expressing social skills but they do know how to give love and want it in return. They are also open about what they want in a relationship and do not leave room for guesses or confusion. Like every other dating relationship, communication is important in autistic dating. Peculiar to autism spectrum dating is the necessity to communicate openly (without undertones or sarcasm) and truthfully.

Autism spectrum dating sounds easy but, it requires strategic planning of your online profile. Your profile should show you as someone looking for a serious relationship or even marriage. Traits like honesty, integrity, and openness should be on your ‘must haves’ in your dating profile on autism dating sites. Write your profile in simple languages that are easy to understand. Show the interesting and fun-loving side of you too. Photos are not the ultimate, but sharing pictures of you is a plus. Make your chats with potential dates fun and easy to follow. Recognize triggers that can cause a withdrawal or change in mood, and avoid them. Be ready to listen and patient to understand when dating someone with autism.

Underdeveloped social skills may be a big challenge of autistic dating. These inadequacies affect romantic relationships and partners. They include:

  • Challenge with understanding appropriate behavior and reaction in romantic settings
  • Troubles with understanding manners and the reaction of others
  • Problems with physical intimacy such as touch. This includes intolerance for physical touch or lack of boundaries during physical touch
  • Troubles with anxiety in unfamiliar places, situations, or people
  • Difficulty with understanding and interpreting desire in themselves and others; challenges with reciprocity of affection

These challenges are amenable with behavioral therapy. Patience is also required for an autistic adult to develop familiarity, friendliness, and love at their pace.

There are other peculiar things about dating on the autism spectrum that is not necessarily challenging but is important to note. People on the autism spectrum have a constant need for stability, it can be hard to make life-altering changes. They need to ease into changes as they depend so much on stability and routines. Also, big decisions may require a little more time to process and accept. Give them more time to come to terms with changes and decisions. Another peculiar thing is that autistics can get too focused on interests and hobbies. This focus may be interpreted as a lack of attention or interest. Understanding autism will help you come to terms with the peculiarity. Communicating your displeasure to your partner also helps to bring their attention to you and the relationship.

Benefits of Dating on the Autism Spectrum

Dating someone with autism may seem tasking but it has lots of benefits. These benefits include:

  • Loyalty: autistics are loyal to people they consider friends and family. They build a strong bond with people and are loyal, almost to a fault. Loyalty is a crucial trait in maintaining a long-term relationship.
  • Reliability: one social characteristic of the autism spectrum is their unwavering focus. This focus, coupled with loyalty and honesty, makes them reliable people. A reliable partner is what you’ll be getting with an autistic.
  • Commitment: autistics require stability and seriousness in relationships. Therefore, their commitment to partners is rather unwavering. They take relationships seriously and do not give up unless there is a strong reason to. They also don’t warm up to people and commitments easily, but when they do, they stay committed to it.
  • Honesty: autistics tell the truth as they see it. They do not pretend or mince words. Their lack of understanding of concepts like lies, deception, sarcasm, and guess, play a major role in this. They communicate their emotions and do not leave you guessing where the relationship is headed. Dating on the autism spectrum means that you get an honest partner.
  • Diversity: diversity brings spice into a relationship and dating on the autism spectrum brings diversity. The way of thinking and abilities of autistics are different from “neurotypical” people and even other autistics. This diversity is beneficial in all aspects of life including love and romance.

The girl depicts emotional disability using pictures.

Final Thoughts

Dating is a challenge to adults generally and even more so with dating someone on the autism spectrum. These challenges are however surmountable with patience and sometimes, behavioral therapy. Dating an autistic adult is not without great benefits like loyalty, commitment to the relationship, reliability, and honesty. Autistic dating sites are the perfect places for autistic dating. We have curated the perfect list to get you started with autistic dating. This list is all-encompassing and up to date.


How to meet an autistic?

The best place to meet an autistic is on dating sites for autistic adults. On these dating sites, you can choose an autistic partner, form a connection, and date. You can also make sure your criteria for dating or a relationship are met before taking it a step further by meeting physically or going on dates.

Why do autistics use dating sites?

Autistics lack certain social skills and do not make connections easily. Hence, dating sites are great ways to ease into meeting other people and dating.

What to expect when dating an autistic?

Autistics are unique and different. They think differently, so, diversity is expected. They also lack social skills and cannot do things like reading body language or understand sarcasm, so, communication is direct and clear.

What an autistic is looking for on dating sites?

An autistic is looking for a committed partner for a serious relationship. An autistic is also looking for a fun-loving and honest partner.

How to choose the best autistic dating site?

We have made a list of the best autistic dating sites available to you depending on what you are looking to achieve in the dating site. We also provided reviews that give you an insight into why these selected autistic dating sites are the best. Dating sites that have ways to screen for authenticity and screen out dishonesty are the best autistic dating sites.

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