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There are numerous benefits to be gained from dating someone of another culture. It can seem intimidating if their culture is very different from your own, but there are also more benefits, as you can learn a lot from a partner from a very different culture. For many people in the Western world, Samoan culture is completely unfamiliar, but this is exactly why dating a Samoan person can be such a positive experience.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to find someone from a particular culture when you’re looking for a date. Even if you are attracted to Samoan culture, you may not be familiar enough with it to identify a stranger met in a casual setting as specifically Samoan instead of another Polynesian group. This is one of the many dating struggles that is solved by online dating. With our top ten recommended Samoan dating sites, you will have no problem finding a potential Samoan partner.

Now that the major problem of where to get started has been solved, you’re probably wondering about the details of dating a Samoan person. We’ll give you all the information you need about Samoan dating in this article, so that you’ll feel like a pro by the time you’re setting up your dating profile.

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Where to Meet Samoan Singles

You can find Samoan singles looking for casual or serious relationships pretty easily with the help of a dating site, so no matter what you want, you should be able to meet someone with the same goals. However, because Samoan culture is very family-oriented, Samoans on dating sites may be a bit more likely to be looking for a long-term partner than a hookup. This doesn’t mean that you can’t find something casual if that’s what you want, but you may have to look a little bit harder for it.

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Are Samoan Dating Sites for Women Different from those for Men

It may seem like there are different Samoan dating sites for different genders, but this is mostly due to marketing. Many Western women have a romantic idea of Samoan men as strong, fit, masculine partners which, let’s face it, they often are but Western men don’t tend to have the same preconceptions about Samoan women.Because of this, you’ll often see more ads for places to find Samoan men than Samoan women, because dating sites think that there is a higher demand for one than the other. The reality is that both genders use these dating sites about the same amount, and the differences in how they work for each gender are pretty minor.

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Benefits of Dating a Samoan Person

Samoan culture is warm and welcoming, and when you date a Samoan person, you get to enjoy aspects of it that may never have even occurred to you before.

  • Humor — Samoan people love to laugh and find the joy in everything. Their sense of humor may be different from what you are used to, but it will grow on you quickly. Any Samoan person you date will always be trying to make you smile, and you will probably find their jokes and their laughter contagious.
  • Family — great importance is placed on obligation and loyalty to family in Samoan culture, especially immediate family and elders. This means that when you join a Samoan family, your partner’s siblings and parents become like your own, and if you someday have children with your Samoan partner, they will be raised with these values and remain respectful and loyal to you as they grow, too.
  • Culture — from the food to the language to the traditional clothes, the various aspects of Samoan culture are not like any other in the world. Whether you are dating a Samoan person casually or long-term, the new cultural ideas and traditions they expose you to will be completely unique and exciting experiences.

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Stereotypes about Samoan People

There are a few common negative stereotypes about Samoan people, which are similar to stereotypes for other Polynesian groups. Generally, these are either false or based on true information but portrayed negatively or to an unrealistic degree.

  • Samoans are overweight — this is said of many Polynesian groups, but it’s quite exaggerated. It is true that Samoan culture has a love for traditional food, but this does not make all Samoan people overweight. The percentage of overweight Samoans, although high, is not higher than places like the United States. Obesity is a worldwide issue, but Samoans are not necessarily more affected by it than anyone else.
  • Samoans are uneducated — this stereotype is probably encouraged by the fact that most famous people in the Western world who have Samoan ancestry, like Dwayne Johnson, are famous for their athletic accomplishments rather than academic or intellectual ones. It gives the false impression that Samoan people favor brawn over brains, but education is highly valued by most Samoan people.

How to Make Your Dating Profile More Appealing to Samoan People

Any single Samoan guy or girl looking at your online dating profile will be more attracted to you right away if you stand out as a unique individual. You don’t have to get overly personal with your bio, but it should convey personality traits and interests that are specific to you.

If you can include something unusual about yourself, it can be a great jumping-off point for a first conversation with a potential date. Don’t let your bio or photos make you seem closed-minded, as someone from a very different culture from yours may think you won’t be interested in them if you aren’t open to new things.


With this information in mind and our list of the top Samoan dating sites at your disposal, you’re sure to find a match in no time. If you want updates and new info on these sites in the future, check back with this page.


How can I choose the best Samoan dating site?

You should look for a site that is reputable, like those on our list, and that you find easy to join and use. You may also be able to pick a site that is mainly used for the type of relationship you are interested in.

Are there sites for a Samoan hookup?

There are causual Samoan dating sites, although they may not explicitly say they are for finding hookups. You will probably have an easy time finding a hookup on these sites if that’s what you want.

Are there any free Samoan dating sites?

Yes! Some Samoan dating sites are completely free, and many others are free to use a limited number of features, with the option to pay for other features.

What is Samoan dating like in the United States?

Most Samoans living outside their home country are still very close with the family they have there, so the cultural experience is similar no matter where you meet your partner.

What should I know about dating a Samoan guy?

If the Samoan guy you’re dating is the “head” of his family, or of his generation in the family, there may be times when he has to prioritize family duties and obligations over all else. You should be prepared to be patient with these things.

What is it like dating a Samoan woman?

It’s important to show her family members that you have great respect for her and do not objectify her at all, especially due to her race. Her family will be very loyal to and protective of her, but if you always act with respect, they will welcome you to the family in time.

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