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People of any race or culture may find themselves predominantly attracted to people of any other race or culture, and there are many benefits from this type of relationship. For example, although there was a time when the idea of African Americans dating people from other races was frowned upon or even forbidden, it’s now a common occurrence with frequently positive results.

However, it can be difficult to find an African American partner by chance or through the conventional ways of finding a date. Online dating solves this problem by offering a convenient and easy way to get together with a potential partner from any culture. If you’re not sure where to start or what sites to trust, take a look at our list of the top ten African American dating sites.

Whether you’re uncertain about how to approach dating someone from a different background or culture or simply are new to online dating, we have all the information you’ll need to have a successful interaction or long-term relationship with a dating website match.

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Where to Meet African American Singles

With about a third of adults in the United States using online dating, and with dating site use being equally common among white, black, and Hispanic Americans, you can find people looking for just about any type of relationship on dating sites.

Some dating sites may be specifically advertised as a place to find your soul mate, while others may be known as a place for casual dating and hookups. When looking for African American singles to date, you’ll have no trouble meeting people with the same goals as yours, whatever they may be. Keep in mind that, if the dating site doesn’t make this easy or obvious, you can still have a discussion about your aims early in your conversations with a potential match.

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Are African American Dating Sites for Women Different from those for Men?

Dating websites may have different procedures and options for different genders for instance, some dating sites may specifically require women to make the first move in an interaction, while others allow anyone to start a conversation but in general, any dating site is used the same amount by both genders.

That is, dating site use may not be precisely equal between men and women, but the gender ratio is nearly the same on every dating site.

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Benefits of Dating an African American Person

If you’re interested in dating an African American person, you probably have some idea of the benefits already, but let’s talk about them anyway.

  • Attraction: he best reason to date someone, regardless of their race, culture, or anything else, is simply that you’re attracted to them! Even though there can be some stigma associated with having a “type” in terms of race, it’s pretty common, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with it, whether your type is your own race or a different one. Just remember that, as with any relationship, you should be sure your motivations are honest. If you and the other person are both looking for a casual hookup, then it’s fine if your only attraction to them is physical, but if you are considering a more serious relationship, it’s important to like them for who they are as well as what they look like.
  • Loyalty and Family: perhaps we’d all like to think that our culture places value on family, but it is observably more so in some cultures. African American culture considers loyalty to one’s family extremely important. If you are looking to become part of someone’s family, you can feel sure that you, as well as any children, will be well looked-after.

African American singles on a date.

Stereotypes about African American People

There have been many harmful stereotypes perpetuated about African American people throughout this country’s history, and unfortunately, some of them have yet to fade away. You should not be affected by these stereotypes when looking for a potential partner online, as they are unfounded and began as a way to justify slavery and racist legislation many years ago.

  • Violence: African Americans, especially African American males, are often portrayed as being a violent or criminal group, when they are really no more likely to be so than any other group. Of course, there are violent individuals in this group, but there are violent individuals in any group, and you should not allow this unfair rumor to affect your search for a partner. The vast majority of dates you meet will be kind and decent people.
  • Abandonment: Many thinks, for no real reason, that African American fathers are more likely to be abusive or negligent. In fact, it’s often claimed that they have a tendency to leave their children and ex-partner to fend for themselves entirely, with no interest in their lives. The reality is that most African American fathers are at least as family-oriented as other fathers, if not more so.

How to Make your Dating Profile more Appealing to African Americans

In order to make your dating profile on African American dating sites appealing, you should seem approachable. This can include using photos in which you are smiling, opening up about yourself with real info in your bio rather than something generic, and responding in depth to conversations instead of using single word replies. If you seem easy to talk to, then potential matches will be more likely to think it’s worth a shot. You’ll get much farther in the interaction, whatever your goals, if you are friendly and honest.


Though online dating can be tricky to navigate, especially when you’re looking for something specific, we think you’ll find a lot of success with our tips and the sites on our top ten list. You can check back in the future to see if and when we have any updates about the top dating sites.


How to choose the best African American dating site?

You will always want to choose a reputable dating site, which is why it’s important to use reviewed and trusted sites like the ones in our top list. Other than that, you can choose a site based on the type of relationship it’s marketed towards and the user experience it offers.

Are there any sites for African American hookups?

You’re likely to be able to find a casual hookup on any dating site, but especially on casual dating sites that don’t stress the idea of finding “true love” too hard.

Are there any free African American dating sites?

Many African American dating sites are free or partially free, meaning you can get started without paying but may need to pay for some services or features later on.

What is African American dating like in the United States?

Aside from prejudices that may exist in some areas of the country against interracial relationships, it’s like any other dating!

What should I know about dating an African American guy?

You don’t need to talk about racial politics or current events just because he’s African American and you’re not. Those issues may come up at some point, but bringing them up unnecessarily, especially early on, can make him think that you’re not interested in him beyond his race.

What’s it like dating an African American woman?

Just like all women, African American women want to be treated with respect in your relationship. Even if race or culture is part of the appeal, you wouldn’t want to give the wrong impression that you are objectifying her based on her race.

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