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We live in a non-binary world – we’ve been doing so for centuries! Our interests in who we’d like to date vary widely and understandably so! At the risk of sounding judge-y, some people just have more zing to vibe with than others by default. Ladyboys, in particular, are some of the best partners for many reasons and they're our focus in this review.

However, there are some challenges we face in finding them. For one, there are just not as many ladyboys around the world as we would like. Next, they are concentrated in only a few major places, like Thailand. So if you don’t stay in Thailand or any other major hotspot, chances are you may never find a ladyboy to hang out with. But don’t fret; there's a fix!

Ladyboy dating sites are the go-to option for the world to meet ladyboys. The widespread embrace of these platforms means there’s no shortage of ladyboys you could have a drink with, and more people join every minute.

Below is a table of the top 10 ladyboy dating sites for you. So you can take a pick now or revisit the table after reading the rest of the review.

Secure link
Many sexuality options
Ideal for short-term dating
Find locals who are looking for casual sex and dating
read reviews
Your Hot Neighbour
Welcoming to all ages and orientations
Provides anonymity
High-quality singles
read reviews
Huge LGBTQ community
High success rate
Customizable profiles for full expression
read reviews
Open-minded and sex-positive crowd
Can find lots of hookups for free
read reviews
Variety of ways to communicate
Open for all type dating
Ideal for flirtiest singles
read reviews
For people of all gender
Advanced search filters
read reviews
Numerous features for communicating
High female-to-male ratio
User-friendly design
read reviews
Wild Asian Babes
For like-minded people
Lots of free features
Great for finding singles
read reviews
NSA Flirts
Popular with all ages
Compatibility matching system
Great reputation among users
read reviews
Variety of ways to communicate
Open for all type dating
read reviews

Ladyboy Dating

Irrespective of your sexual or romantic orientation, you could have an amazing relationship with a ladyboy. Why? Well, since ladyboys are generally described as transgender women, effeminate men, or both, they cover a wide range of orientations.

Also, their sex game is top-tier, baby! This is affirmed by reviews and comments by every ladyboy date we know and video evidence that was shared with the consent of all parties involved. If you're still reading, you're most likely interested in finding yourself some ladyboy action. Let's help you with that!

Single ladyboys on a date.

Where to Look for Ladyboy Singles

You should keep in mind that ladyboy dating sites are not limiting their membership to ladyboys alone. They welcome a community that spans multiple orientations – one filled with people interested in ladyboys but have found it tasking to find them. After all, this is the purpose of their very existence and they’re doing one bell of a job!

The joining process is quite easy. The first step is to choose which of the sites you would like to join – you can join more than one. This decision should be fueled by features that make communication easy and the number of active members. To save you from the stress of having to scan through a long list of ladyboy dating sites, we've created a table of our top recommendations in this review.

Once you've chosen your site(s) of choice, sign up with your honest info. This way, the platform would effectively connect you with people that have similar interests as you.

When you join ladyboy sites, it’s best to be clear on what you aim to accomplish and the kind of people you would like to meet. There are several reasons people join these sites, which include:

  1. Serious relationship
  2. Marriage
  3. One-night stand
  4. Ladyboy hookup

So, take your time, be upfront, enjoy the search, and in no time, you’ll find your ladyboy date from the many users on these platforms.

Start Dating

Online Dating for Ladyboys

The answer to every challenge that we face in our quest for a companion has been solved by the concept of online dating for ladyboys. As long as you're clear on what you aim to accomplish on the platform, and you have you're A-game on, you're good to go!

At first, you may not be too sure about what kind of relationship you want – it's quite common – but it gets clearer with time. As they say, the first step in doing anything is taking the first step. And once you do, you would be subscribing to a boatload of whatever it is you want – ladyboys are flexible like that!

Another perk of the online dating route is the defeat of stereotypes that come with being a ladyboy or being in a relationship with one. It filters out the judging, misgendering, and all the other noise. Now, similar-thinking people have a chance to meet and communicate with ease, like never before!

Benefits of Dating Ladyboy Singles

Stereotypes against ladyboys are easily a result of the ignorance of the benefits that come with dating a ladyboy. So here, we make it our mission to spread the word and show our readers the perks that they would enjoy in a relationship with a ladyboy single!

  • Best of both worlds: ladyboys have both male and female features. So dating one gives you access to body features that excite you. Deep down in most of us, we have an attraction to respective male and female parts – ladyboys mean you're not forced to choose.
  • Fiery bedroom action: word around town is that ladyboy singles do know how to go down! They’re adventurous and typically open to new styles. You won’t need to spend time trying to convince your ladyboy partner because they probably even knew about it before you did.
  • Unwanted pregnancy and child support canceled: the fear that comes with having an unwanted pregnancy can be mighty disturbing and that's understandable. Having a baby is a huge responsibility, both physically and financially in terms of child support. Since ladyboys can't get pregnant, men, in particular, are safe from the fear of having raw sex with their ladyboy partners!
  • Confirm your sexuality: there's gay, there's straight, and there's “I'm not sure of my orientation yet”. With a ladyboy by your side, you'll know whether the masculine or feminine side excites you more! And whichever one it is, you already have a partner that can please you.

Ladyboy with cotton candy in hands.


Having a partner is one thing; having a partner that resonates with you and constantly excites you is another! In this review, we've discussed ladyboys; how, why, and where to go looking for ladyboy companionship. We've also discussed the roles of ladyboy dating sites in meeting these wonderful people. Every sentence in this review has been triple verified to ensure accuracy and quality of content.

You should also bear in mind that this review will be regularly updated to contain the latest info on ladyboy dating sites. So remember to revisit this page whenever you can! This is the part of the review where you scroll back up to the table to select the best ladyboy site for you. Remember that you can join multiple ladyboy websites – you can even join them all! Then follow the guidelines above, and get ready for a ride that will change your life for the better!


What is the fetish of dating a ladyboy?

Let's answer this by defining what a fetish is: any body part or object that's necessary for the psychological enjoyment of sex. With that definition, it's clear that dating a ladyboy isn't a fetish. If you have feelings for a ladyboy, then you have genuine affections, not a fetish.

How to date a ladyboy?

You date a ladyboy like you would anyone you love! If anything, it’s even easier because of the perks that are unique to ladyboys. Be kind, loving, fun, and you’re good to go! Nothing too complicated.

Why is dating a ladyboy difficult?

Who said it is? Based on the experience and reviews of ladyboys’ partners, their relation was super easy to start and maintain. Don’t let fear stop you from trying to find love, get on it!

What you shouldn’t do when dating a ladyboy?

Don’t make them feel any different from the next person. There’s already a stereotype that ladyboys have to battle with and defeat. You shouldn’t be a source of more forms of discrimination, you know.

How to choose the best ladyboy dating site?

Ladyboy dating sites have the same underlying purpose but some are more unique than others. It’s important to choose the best ones and it’s great to see that you agree with that! Check out the table in the review above and choose one or more to join. They are the best at what they do!

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