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There are several reasons why you might want to date from another country like Vietnam. You get to experience a new culture and learn new dating customs.

Online dating sites have largely eliminated these challenges by providing a platform where people can meet, making international dating/love very possible. Besides, using online dating sites is cheaper and more convenient than travelling to Vietnam to date.

Here is a table showing you the top Vietnamese dating sites you can join to avoid spam and protect you from scam.

Secure link
Hot Asian Flirts
Many sexuality options
Provides anonymity
Easily find people that share your kink
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Numerous features for communicating
Welcoming to all ages and orientations
Simple to use
read reviews
Variety of ways to communicate
High female-to-male ratio
Great reputation among users
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NSA Flirts
Quality matches for each user
User-friendly design
Popular with all ages
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High female-to-male ratio
Great for finding singles
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Don't reveal personal information
Detailed profiles
Many useful tools
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Welcoming to all ages and orientations
Popular with all ages
Compatibility matching system
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Customizable profiles for full expression
Quality matches for each user
Variety of ways to communicate
read reviews
Numerous features for communicating
For like-minded people
High success rate
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High-quality singles
Ideal for flirtiest singles
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Vietnam Dating

Most Vietnamese date with the intention of such a relationship getting serious. They try to avoid flings and hookups. Though there are some of them (about 1%) that engage in this, the majority would prefer a serious and monogamous relationship.

Where to Look for Vietnamese Singles

To find Vietnamese singles, you might need to begin your search on a Vietnamese dating site. This is because most Vietnamese aren’t very social in their country, so they always tend to look for partners from other countries on dating sites. You might find some married, divorced, or widowed persons on the sites but the ratio of this group to the singles is about a 1 to 5.

Though most Vietnamese singles on these sites are looking for a serious relationship that might lead to marriage, some are also there for hookups. The kind of Vietnamese dating website you join would determine which kind of people you are more likely to meet.

Vietnamese single women.

Are Vietnamese Women Dating Sites any Different from Male Ones

Some sites are created only for a gender to meet the other gender. This is because it is believed that streamlining a dating site for one gender can make the search easier. However, most Vietnamese (and to be honest, everyone) uses the same site with the other gender during their search for love or fling.

Benefits of Dating a Vietnamese

Due to Vietnamese/American dating, people have been drawn to knowing the benefits of dating a Vietnamese. Apart from the fact that dating Vietnamese women mean dating some of the most beautiful woman in Southeast Asia, there are several other benefits attached to dating a Vietnamese.

  • Loyalty: Vietnamese women tend to be very loyal in relationships because they understand the value of a long-term relationship. Their men are usually very preserving and they make very sympathetic spouses and fathers. They tend to be very thoughtful and conscious of the needs and feelings of a lady.
  • Homely: the women are trustworthy and they can cook. Yes, most Vietnamese women were taught to cook from a very young age, so you can be assured that you will always have something to look forward to. The men are cultured and are incredible with the way they manage their finances, therefore making the home more secure for any lady.

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Stereotypes about Vietnamese Women and Man

Just as in every culture, there are some stereotypes attached to Vietnamese men and women, and most of them are just rumors that became popular. Some popular are:

  • Vietnamese are negative people and tend to transfer that negativity into relationship: this isn’t true. It isn’t right to mistake their seriousness and love for success as negativity in a relationship.
  • A Vietnamese woman likes to date a foreigner because of money: a Vietnamese woman is independent and supportive of a man. If anything, she isn’t looking for money, because she already works for her money.
  • They only live in the long term: this is however true of a Vietnamese. They would rather plan and act for the long term than short term.
  • Vietnamese are always smiling, therefore, weak and stupid: the Vietnamese, despite being a country suffering from poverty are happy people that love to spread peace. However, they would immediately frown at any sign of bully or abuse.
  • A Vietnamese woman is not intelligent: similar to the stereotype about blondes, it is wrongly believed that a beautiful woman lacks brains. The Vietnamese are tagged the most beautiful set of people in Southeast Asia, but they are an intelligent set of people.

Dating Culture in Vietnam

What we consider courting in America is different from that of Vietnam. Being ignorant of this dating culture can cause you to fall into a trap at the early stages of dating.

For example, while dating Vietnamese women, the man has to make the first move. They believe that since you have a penis, you should ask her out and know where to take her for a date, and PAY. So, waiting for that Vietnam woman to offer to pay, is a complete waste of time.

The Vietnamese don’t accept nor condone public display of affection as well as sex on the first date. And after two or three dates, a Vietnamese automatically assumes that the relationship is begun and might lead to marriage if all goes well.

Also, it's safe to say that the Vietnamese take their families very seriously, and very often, a Vietnamese woman still lives with her parents until she is ready to leave.

Vietnamese couple sitting on a bench.

How to Make Your Dating Account More Appealing on Vietnamese Dating Sites?

Since prospective partners cannot meet you in person at first, your dating account profile is your way of presenting yourself. It’s advisable to be very honest and not to lie about who you are, where you are from, how old you are or what you love to do.

Although, these are general tips for an online dating account profile, there are other things to know that you can do to make your account more appealing for Vietnamese women and/or men.

  • Use pictures that make you look success-driven without looking too boring and/or serious.
  • While describing yourself, avoid long and unnecessary points. Short phrases can do the job. Stay positive and straightforward while describing the kind of woman/man you are looking for.


Dating Vietnamese women and men might require a lot, but with the information above, you can get started in your dating journey. We can also guarantee you quality and quick updates on new information about the best Vietnamese online dating sites for different purposes on this site. So, you can always check back for updates, if you have more concerns or questions about dating a Vietnamese.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions on dating a Vietnamese:

Are there sites for a Vietnamese hookup?

Yes, there are, although not so common. Vietnamese are not so popular for hookups. And this is why it can be a bit difficult finding a site for this purpose. You might have to scan through a lot of online dating sites to find one that is for hookups.

Is Vietnamese dating exclusive for their region?

No, it isn’t. Since most Vietnamese have a hard time socializing in their country, they spend a lot of their time online. This encourages them to meet with people from different countries. You can say that most Vietnamese singles prefer to date foreigners so you are in luck.

How to choose the best Vietnamese dating site?

There are a lot of things to look out for when finding the best Vietnamese dating site; from the validity of the dating website to the amount of personal data required during the signing up (the more that is requested, the better). To help you avoid the trouble, o through the provided table above with the best online dating sites.

Are there any free Vietnamese dating sites?

Yes, there are free Vietnamese dating sites, just as any other site. This means that you might not need to pay before having a conversation. But, there is a higher chance of meeting scams on any free Vietnamese dating site. You can use the free sites to practise having a conversation with a Vietnamese, and who knows, you might meet the one.

Are there any genuine Vietnamese dating sites?

Yes, there are. Although, it is rather difficult to find a genuine Vietnamese dating site online. You might just need to take your time in finding the best one. Check our recommendation for the best dating sites in Vietnam.

What to know about dating a Vietnamese man/woman?

Vietnamese are very success-driven and focus on the long term for a relationship. But to know more, we have highlighted some major facts about a Vietnamese man/woman in this article. Scan through the dating culture in Vietnam to get more insight on this.

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