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A lot of people have discovered that they love dating people from other countries. This isn't only interesting but also has its benefits. Countries, religions and cultures are no more independent of themselves, and more importantly, love, meeting new people shouldn't have geographical limitations.

The more people date/marry from a different country, the more they experience each other's culture and get a chance to create something beautiful. Significantly, online dating sites have made it easy for foreigners to meet and relate without having to book a flight all around the world looking for that amazing person. In fact, to make it even easier, here are some top dating sites that you can join to help you avoid sites that exploit or harbor spam.

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Dating Irish Singles

The people of Ireland are not known to fancy long term relationships. Many of them have several long terms and a whole lot of short-term relationships.

But despite all of this, Irish men and women are known to be hopeless romantics. And when they finally met the one, they are loyal, honest and love fiercely.

Beautiful Irish single women with a cup of milk.

Where to Look for Irish Dating

Ireland isn't a really large country. Therefore, Irish people tend to see their exes everywhere they go (and that can interfere with future relationships). Consequently, they tend to visit online dating sites more often.

Though Ireland is known for the popularity of online dating sites, it's mostly for hookups, casual dates, friendship and random cruises. To find an Irish single in for a long-term relationship, you might have to scan through many people to find that amazing person. But they are always worth the time.

Are Irish Women Dating Sites any Different from Male Ones

Irish dating sites for men can be different from that of women. The gender differences might be pronounced in some dating sites; In fact, the people of Ireland use the same dating sites when finding their partners, and so can you.

Benefits of Dating an Irish

Dating an Irish comes with some perks and pains. Yes, dating an Irish isn't easy. But though the difficulties, there are many benefits of dating an Irish. Some of which includes:

  • Their great sense of humor. Irish people always know how to have a good laugh. So, whether you are chatting through the dating site or having a video call, there's never a dull moment with an Irish man/woman.
  • Though Irish men are popular for their drinking habit, their chilled response, attitude, and reactions to conflicts can surprise many foreigners. They are not known to pick fights or rumble over petty things.
  • Another pro of dating an Irish is you know that you are with a loyal and honest person. Irish people are known for their loyalty when in long term relationships with the one they truly love.

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Stereotypes about Irish Women and Men

Despite the beauty of Ireland, the people suffer from some stereotypes that can be very offensive. Some are true, though, but it's best that you know which of these aren't true, so you don't sabotage the relationship even before it begins.

  1. Irish are drunks: the people of Ireland do love to have a good drink every once in a while. So, it's understandable why people categorize them as drunks. But it would be wrong to assume this is true for everyone. Except for the bad eggs, most Irish people know when to stop.
  2. Your Irish partner would love to pick fights: this stereotype is associated closely with the fact that the Irish are known for drinking. As mentioned earlier, the Irish are calm people that love to spread love, happiness, romance and peace. Usually, the Irish isn't the one at the center of the fight. Nevertheless, they do love to argue reasonably.
  3. An Irish man/woman is very friendly: this is a positive and true stereotype. They keep friends and families close and don't take close relationships for granted.
  4. Your prospective Irish partner is most probably a liar: this stereotype was birthed the when former British Prime Minister said that all Irish are liars. This isn't totally true. Definitely, some Irish people lie, but this can be said about every country. It doesn't mean every Irish man/woman is a liar.

Dating Culture in Ireland

  • Each culture view love and dating differently, including the Irish. For instance, an Irish wouldn't be tolerant if their date is being distracted by their phone.
  • It's also weird to think that though an Irish man is exposed to drinking, most of them are entirely turned off by a partner that drinks excessively. Talking about how many bottles you can finish in one go isn't exactly going to earn you a point with him/her.
  • Likewise, talking about an ex too much is not very pleasant either. While sending audio messages or during voice calls, remember that Irish people hate loud tones. It's sexier to speak in softer tones.
  • Avoid bringing up topics about politics or arguments about religion. This is a total turn off. Talk more about each other and what fun things you both like to do.

Irish couple on a romantic date.

How to Make your Dating Account More Appealing on Irish Dating Sites?

  • Irish dating sites are not so different from any other dating sites when customizing your account profile. From your profile picture to the way you described yourself, there are some key things to note in other to make your account more appealing to Irish singles.
  • On your profile picture, you can avoid too many selfies and more full photos of yourself. An Irish would want to know how beautiful your face is and how tall/short you are. However, use-friendly and accommodating pictures so you don't scare them all off.
  • In your description, be as honest as you can. Don't lie about having a large family just to attract an Irish if you actually don't. But don't be too narrative also. State facts about you in a positive and friendly but precise manner.
  • Dating Irish men/women, especially if you don't know anything about the dating culture, can be demanding. Following the guide above can help you get started on this journey. Even if you're already dating an Irish person, it's still not too late to learn something that can help your relationship. Don't forget to always check back here for updates on any new information about the best Irish online dating sites.


Are there sites for an Irish hookup?

Yes, there are. In fact, most of the online dating sites have become hook up sites for the Irish. This does not mean that there aren't men/women ready to mingle for a long term. It just means that, if you are looking for something fun and casual, you are in luck.

Is Irish dating exclusive for their region?

No, it isn't. Ireland is a small place, and almost everyone knows everyone. So the people of Ireland prefer to mingle and date foreigners to get a new feel. But considering the fact that a lot of them are on the site, exes can also be easily seen while scrolling. But the good news is, you don't have to say hi. Just scroll up.

How to choose the best Irish dating site?

Choosing the best Irish Dating site can be almost as difficult as picking the best wine. But you can follow these pointers to help you in the right direction. Make sure to research the website's authenticity or completely avoid free sites. Or you can just check our recommended list of top online dating sites above to prevent scams and stress.

Are there any free Irish dating sites?

Yes, there are free Irish dating sites. Though, it is not recommended, you can try out a few free sites to get in the game. Some sites have a limit you can get to without paying. However, you may have to subscribe to enjoy certain perks.

Are there any genuine Irish dating sites?

Yes, there are. But finding the best one might take some time. Usually, paid sites are more genuine than the free ones. Also, we have made it easier for you by including a list of top genuine Irish dating sites to choose from.

What to know about dating an Irish man/woman?

Irish men/women are cultured, fun and friendly. They are known to be loyal, and they love to have a good time. They are also the typical examples of hopeless romantics. However, you can read more about an Ireland man/woman from this article in the 'Irish Dating Culture' section.

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