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You can choose the kind of woman you'd like to spend your time with. No one can take that away from you. Same with every other person. That’s why no one will hold you back if you prefer to go for younger women, older women, or even grannies. You can do this in a café, in a club, a bar, at meetings, at a party and so on. But if you are tired of going out of your busy schedule to find a woman out there (or if you are just shy to walk up to one woman and say “be mine, lady”), then an online dating site is the ideal choice you.

With online dating, you don't need to go on multiple dates with too many women. This is because you can have conversations with several women all at once. And with this, you can then decide (after the discussions) which woman is right for you. Ready to see how you can meet grannies without stepping out of your home? Here are some of our top dating granny sites to start with.

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Granny Dating

This article is about dating a mature woman. It contains everything you might need to know about meeting and dating a granny for either hookup or a long-term relationship. And if you are just passing by, we might change your mind about stepping into the mature water a little bit when you see some of the benefits of being with a granny.

Start Dating

Where to Look for Granny Singles

While on the quest for GILF (from MILF), you might want to sit tight because what you would find might shock you. Grannies aren’t the helpless mommas we see on TV screens anymore. Have an inside imagination of Kris Kardashian, and you have got the right image of a granny going.

So, where can you find your Kris? Simple, grandma dating website. They can’t be on regular dating sites because those that aren’t interested won’t swipe their way. But on dating sites that are created just for them, you can’t get enough of hot mamas. You would find more than a thousand grannies looking for the love of different duration – hookup or long term. And to be honest, you can find both.

Whether you want a GILF to have a good time with for one-time relationships, regular hookups and sugar mummy relationships, or you want a mature woman to stand with you for the rest of her life, you can rely on these dating sites to get you what you desire. And you know the good part, all you need is a device that can connect to the internet, and of course the internet. You don’t dress nice or prepare for so many dates or (even better) leave your home.

Grandmothers are looking for their soulmate on online dating sites.

Online Dating for Grannies

As we said earlier, many GILFs result in online dating because they rarely get asked out. Except you are as bold as a lion, you might think twice about walking up to meet a woman that’s old enough to birth you.

But with dating sites, the barrier and first-time weirdness are invisible and everyone can be free with each other. All they want is a man that would appreciate her, and see her as a sexy, young, and fun woman. They would also desire a man sensitive to her body (i.e., to make her feel even more sexy and confident). A man who respects her and her feelings, and desire to create a connection is also a good catch. Most grannies are successful and have seen a lot in life. So, a man that brags come off as childish and is a total turn-off.

Unlike most stereotypes, they are truly perfect to be with, know exactly what they want from a man, and are straightforward with their intentions. They are not slow and boring, knitting in the house all day, rather, they love to go out, look good, and have a good time. They also have a lot of sexiness left unexplored inside. So don’t fool yourself on the myths about a mature woman. They are one of the hottest kinds of ladies you can have beside you.

However, you can only have a sweet lady if you treat her like one. So here are the ways to treat a granny if you don’t want to get scolded:

  1. She is not your mother, so don’t go all mummy on her by expecting motherly duties from her. She is the woman you chose to be with. There is a difference.
  2. Soak her in flattering compliments. She is still a lady and she loves to be told how beautiful she looks even in pajamas.
  3. Take her out. It's not true that Grannies love to stay indoors with their cats and knitting tools.
  4. Do not be clingy. Unlike younger women, they are used to the independent lifestyle. So, locking them up in your clutches isn’t such a mature thing to do.
  5. Touch her. This goes from random pecks to the action in the bedroom. That’s the loudest way you can scream you are sexy.

Benefits of Dating a Granny

What are the things you can expect during granny date, and what makes them so desirable as partners? These are the things that others know and you don’t. So, let’s see the hidden secrets of dating a GILF that you probably don’t know yet.

  • They are easy to be with: should we tell you why? They have gone past the childish attitude of ladies that makes them difficult to please. You don’t need to be there all the time nor give them money to buy stuff. You don’t also need to impress them with expensive things and fancy places. All they want is your time and care.
  • You would enjoy some stability with grannies. This is especially very important if you want to date long-term. They don’t leave you guessing what is wrong or what their intentions are. You know exactly what you are getting into straight from the beginning.
  • Unlike some stereotypes, they look really good. When a granny is looking for love, she has the time in the world to take care of her skin and her body. You might be pretty impressed with what goes on underneath that age. So don’t be scared that you would end up with saggy skin, remember, Kris Kardashian.
  • Most Grannies that are trying to mingle again are usually successful and have money. Though we are not trying to encourage you to be in it just for the money, financial stability is a nice plus to a relationship.

Beautiful grandmother in a white shirt.


Meeting grannies and dating them is one of the fun things about online dating sites. They bring different worlds closer to you and make it very easy to find and date any type of lady you like. If you have found this blog helpful, please stay tuned for more quality and quick updates on new information about the best online dating sites. And if you are ready to begin granny dating, head on to one of our top dating sites listed above and get registered.


How to meet a granny?

The easiest place to meet a GILF is to check Granny Dating sites. There, you can find many mature women, all with different features. You can also have the luxury to chat with them before fixing a physical date.

Why does granny use dating sites?

It is a little intimidating for a granny to sit at a bar or a café waiting for the next man that would show some interest. But online dating sites make it very easy for them to flaunt themselves. It is also a place where they can easily find love without having to look around for long.

What to expect from dating a granny?

There is nothing for goodies attached to dating a mature woman. You can expect certainty, and stability. You can also expect to be in with a sexy and fully matured woman who would not give you a hard time pleasing her.

What granny looks for on dating sites?

When a mature woman logs on to a dating site, they are looking for both young and mature men that are ready to be open, straightforward, and caring. They also look for men that throw complements around. And this can be either for a short-term or a long-term relationship.

How to choose the best granny dating site?

There are many free granny dating sites but not all of them are secure. To pick the best, choose the one that has the most options for grannies and has a good review online. Our provided options could also be of help.

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