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There has always been some awkwardness around the disabled dating from time immemorial. Not that it is frowned upon, just that people look at disabled dating with so much pity. Finding a partner as a disabled person can be more challenging in real life than it is supposed to. Disabled people who are looking for long-term relationships will sooner find that on dating sites than they will in real life.

Disabled people deserve to meet people and fall in love without the pity-stigma surrounding their every attempt at love. Thankfully, there are now numerous dating sites for disabled people that help to push this agenda. Access to free disabled dating sites makes it easier for disabled singles to meet, talk, start a relationship or even just build meaningful friendships.

There are numerous dating sites for people with disabilities, each one providing a safe space where disabled singles can meet and build meaningful relationships. However, there are too many of them that it may become hard for a person to start sifting through the long list to find the one which suits them. So, we have gone through the stress of reviewing them to come up with our best disabled dating sites.

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Disabled Dating

Before we move onto the best disabled dating sites, there are a few things you may want to find out about disabled dating which may be important. There is no actual difference between disabled dating and dating among non-disabled people. However, society and our habit of segregation have made it so that disabled people now have certain bits of their dating life that need to be understood before anyone ventures, disabled or not.

As a disabled person who may be new to the disabled dating scene, there are questions you may have about the dating scene. These answers to these questions should help you navigate the scene with some ease. Luckily for you, we have all the answers to the questions you may have, so here we go!

Woman on a romantic date with a disabled man.

Where to Look for Disabled Singles

While it might be okay to go around asking every disabled person you meet if they are single, it may be awkward. Besides, looking for disabled singles in a sea of humans may not help your odds a lot. The easiest way to find someone is to go where a lot of them can be found, and this applies to disabled dating as well.

To find a single disabled person, you need to be specific by going to dating sites for people with physical or mental disabilities. There are numerous free disabled dating sites where you can meet and interact with disabled singles at no cost to you. If you are worried about figuring out which one of the many disability dating sites is great for you, we have reviewed them and will provide you with the best of the top disabled dating sites available. Of course, these free disabled dating sites are not the only places where you can meet single people with long/short term disabilities but they are the places where you can find a lot of them at the same time.

If you are a person with special needs, you can also check special needs dating sites to meet people like you to start a relationship.

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Online Dating for Disabled

If you have been around a disabled chat room on disability dating sites often, you will find that disabled people have been stereotyped for a long time. It is hard for them to find partners among the non-disabled people because people assume that dating a disabled person turns you into a caregiver automatically.

The stereotype is what has driven them towards creating a safe space where they can be among their kind and find love without the subtle discrimination.If you do not want to go on the websites, there are disabled dating apps that you can access easily. Online, there are also disabled dating clubs where disabled personals can come and talk about their dating experiences. Sharing these stories is important because it helps the next disabled person believe that they can find a partner.

Dating with a disability has its downsides, but the easiest way to get around it remains using disability dating sites. If this is your first attempt at disabled dating, and you are not looking to fully commit to paying for access to a disabled dating site, you can always try out disabled dating for free on the free disability dating sites. Disability dating sites come in different varieties for people with different needs. A person can check for a wheelchair dating site or a handicap dating site if that is what they need.

Benefits of Dating a Disabled Person

Contrary to what society would have you believe, there are benefits of dating a disabled person, and here are some.

  • They communicate: dating with a disabled person makes you open to wanting to talk about your issues so that your reactions are not misconstrued as emotional blackmail. So, if you are dating a disabled person, they will always communicate.
  • It is adventurous: a person with a permanent or short-term disability sees the world from a completely different prism, and it is a whole new adventure with them, their minds, and their habits.
  • They are positive: to live with a disability often means having to be at the receiving end of so much negativity. Disabled people often rise above these negativities to become very optimistic about living and moving on.

Disabled woman with a bionic hand holding a bouquet of flowers.


Dating a disabled person teaches you aspects of yourself that you didn't know existed. It makes you a better person ultimately. You find yourself making concessions that you never thought you could, being patient, learning gratitude and kindness.


How to meet disabled people?

Disabled people are everywhere you turn, but you cannot go asking everyone you see for a relationship. If you are looking to go on a disabled date, check our top disabled dating sites.

Why do disabled people use dating sites?

Finding the right person to date in real life is hard enough for able-bodied, heterosexual people; dating sites are the easiest way for disabled singles to find a partner.

Is dating only someone who is disabled a fetish?

It may be considered a fetish if you are only attracted to disabled people, and this type of fetish is called devotism. However, there might be other reasons why you are attracted to them, like growing up with disabled parents or siblings.

Where do disabled people find love?

Dating with a disability, thankfully, does not deprive people of love. Love can be found in many places, but for a disabled person, sites offering a disabled dating service are the best bet at finding love.

How to choose the best disabled dating site?

There are many sites where disabled people can meet and fall in love. To pick the best site for you, start by knowing what you want, what features you would like, and then go for the site which offers these things. Dating a disabled person for some people is a whole new experience for them, and it requires some adjusting. Everything that has been written so far should help you make a decision on how to date a disabled person. Go through the sites we listed, and see which one works for you. Who knows, this might be how you find the love of your life and get your happily ever after.

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