Polyamorous Dating Sites

A polyamorous couple in a happy relationship.

The only feeling better than having a single attractive partner is having a multitude of them! We shouldn’t have to hold on to one person and let go of other interesting companions for no other reason than satisfying a tradition that expects a 1v1 relationship. It's polyamory and you do not want to be left out!

If you think about it, poly dating is logical and is maybe the only type of relationship where every member is happy! Still, some people are just not up to it – and hey, we're not judging! For the longest time, it's been quite a task to find people who are ready to let their hearts take the lead and be openly open to polygamy dating – until now. The rise of polyamorous dating sites and apps has changed the game. They allow for people who are up for non-monogamous relationships to meet and connect with ease.

Below is a compiled table of the top 10 polyamorous dating platforms for you. So, you can choose now or revisit the table once you’re done reading this review.

Secure link
Free and fast registration
Sleek interface
Optimized search algorithm
read reviews
Simple to use
Active user base
Ideal for anonymous hookups
read reviews
Free registration
High female-to-male ratio
read reviews
Your Hot Neighbour
Lots of free features
Ideal for short-term dating
read reviews
Quality matches for each use
Many useful tools
Can find lots of hookups for free
read reviews
Free registration
Detailed profiles
Availability of mobile apps
read reviews
NSA Flirts
Free joining
Speed Date function
Proactive female members
read reviews
Free registration
1$ trial is a great deal
A significant number of active users
read reviews
Many useful tools
Quick sign up process
Advanced search filters
read reviews
Free registration
Active user base
High female-to-male ratio
read reviews

Polyamorous Dating

The simple idea behind polyamorous dating is what makes it thrive. Most of us are attached to multiple people at a time and it’s perfectly normal. The bit where we have to choose between a person that excites us and another person that also excites us is what isn’t normal and it’s outdated! This is where these polyamorous dating sites come to our rescue.

So, if you’re looking for a polyamorous relationship, we can help you with that. This review shows you the ropes of exploring and maximizing the concept of polyamorous relationships!

Two girls kiss a man.

Where to Look for Polyamorous Singles

A large percentage of people interested in polyamorous relationships go the online dating route which makes total sense. The uncertainties that come with hoping to meet any at a random event or when walking down the street are far too inconvenient. This is why we advise joining paid or free poly dating sites or apps.

To do that, simply select a platform to join from the table above – they have all been tested and trusted to connect the most compatible people. Once you know which site or app you would like to opt for, sign up! Surely, you’ll have to provide them with non-sensitive info like your name, nationality, orientation, and so on. They use these data to pair you with the right people who are very likely to want something similar to what you want. You must know people join dating sites for several reasons.

So although dating sites have the simple function of connecting interested parties, there are still some personal characteristics that come to play. The most common types of relationships people seek on any polyamory website or app include:

  • Hookup
  • A one-night stand
  • Serious relationship
  • Hookups

Start Dating

Online Dating for Polyamorous People

Okay, so it’s clear that we can now easily find polyamorous partners from the comfort of home, but that’s not all we need to clarify. Arguably the most important piece of your quest for companionship is confirming if you’re ready to give your all!

Are you having doubts? Are you sure you’re up for a polyamorous lifestyle? Can you rise above the stereotyping? Will you be honest and loving to your partners? These are basic questions that you must answer to have a fun-filled polyamorous relationship. Don’t rush in answering the questions – take your time, it can be a big decision! However, if you have all the answers and they're in the green, you're good to go! Get ready for some Disney kind of love – because that’s what polyamory is all about!

Benefits of Dating Polyamorous People

What’s there not to love? Polyamory dating is blissful by default but let’s go one level deeper and list out the benefits:

  • Honesty: the core pillar of every relationship is honesty as it is, in a way, the source of trust and transparency. In a polyamorous relationship, partners accept multiple romantic and sexual partners, so there’s just no need for dishonest extramarital affairs.
  • Diversity: too many times, divorce is a result of feeling ‘stuck’ with one person, one style, one lifestyle for too long! With polyamory, you have multiple people each bringing their respective personalities, lifestyles, and sexual experience.
  • Zero jealousy: there's no need to hide anything because the traditional form of cheating is canceled in polyamorous relationships. As a result, communication is at an all-time high and jealousy is a very distant concept.

Polyamorous couple resting in a tent.


In this review, we’ve discussed all there is to know about polyamorous relationships. At this point, you should know where and how to find partners.

We've also touched on the benefits of polyamory and why you might want to opt for it. Rest assured that this review has been assessed over and over to ensure quality and accuracy. It will be updated regularly to keep the table and data relevant. So, remember to come around again.

Now it’s time to begin your quest. As said earlier, the first step is joining a trusted polyamorous relationship dating site or app. So scroll back to the table above, take your picks, and good luck!


How to start polyamorous dating?

It starts with you. You must be sure that you’re up to having multiple romantic or sexual partners. Once you’re sure, you don’t know it but you’ve started polyamorous dating. The only bit left is finding your partners on any polyamorous dating app or site. Then follow the rest of the guidelines in the review.

What does polyamorous dating mean?

Polyandrous dating is a form of dating that has multiple romantic or sexual partners involved. Every member knows every other member and is intentional about the relationship.

Isn’t polyamory just cheating?

It's very far from it! Polyamory can even be seen as the solution to cheating; because a person can now have multiple romantic/sexual partners without having to keep it a secret. Also, members of a polyamorous relationship know one another.

How do you know if polyamory is right for you?

It depends on what you seek from a relationship. If you thirst for diversity – both in bed and companionship – without having to be dishonest, then polygamy is most likely right for you!

How to choose the best polyamorous dating site?

Once you know the features of a dating app or site that would help you easily find partners, then go for the free versions of those that have the features. If you're not looking for any features, in particular, check for the reviews of trusted apps and sites. Finally, you could also check trusted polyamorous dating site reviews and select from the recommended options!

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