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A Japanese couple on a date in the garden.

Most people find dating someone from another country exciting. People from other countries have different perspectives on life. Before the advent of cutting-edge ICT, dating some from another country can be challenging, if not nearly impossible, because of distance and language barriers.

However, these days you can now find the right person in another country from the comfort of your room; this is perhaps the primary reason why online dating sites remain one of the best ways to date internationally.

Are you interested in meeting people from Japan? Then read on to find out everything about online dating in Japan, and to even make the process easier, we have also included a list of top Japanese dating sites in the table below.

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Japanese Dating

Although Japan is culturally a reserved zone when it comes to online dating, surprisingly, in recent times, online dating is becoming very popular in Japan. It is observed that people are now becoming more open to using online dating sites to find relationships.

Beautiful Japanese single women.

Where to Look for Japanese Singles

The percentage of people who met their love partners on dating sites has increased tremendously from 2019 to 2021, with over 60% percent.

If you are shy, or probably too busy for physical love, or you just want your partner - boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife to be from Japan, you can meet Japanese men or women by visiting Japanese online dating sites. With booming singles incessantly visiting the dating sites, you will indeed find someone that suits your preferences.

Though the active users on Japanese dating sites are primarily single adults looking forward to meeting someone they could settle and get married to, young adults looking for Japanese cougar and hook-ups are not left out either.

Are Japanese Women Dating Sites any Different from the Male Ones

Japan dating sites are intended and designed for both the male and female. However, some dating sites like Bumble are intended for Japanese single women to make the first move. This is done to protect and encourage the women to get comfortable choosing their eye candy. But generally, Japanese women dating sites are basically not different from Japanese single men sites.

Benefits of Dating a Japanese

There are several benefits of dating Japanese. Some of these include:

  • Japanese are known for their loyalty: Get ready to enjoy a wholesome relationship, especially when it's a serious one. Japanese women are even more loyal in serious relationships because the dating culture is against women cheating. If you're looking for a potential partner, then you'll definitely welcome the loyalty.
  • Japanese are highly intuitive people: They care about small things and take joy and happiness from the little things that matter. This means when you are with them, you will share in their happiness.
  • You can also enjoy an intimate relationship with a Japanese: Most Japanese enjoy their privacy but would gladly share their private moments with their loved ones. The means you won't have to stay online alone. You will have a real offline physical and intimate relationship.

So, don't be surprised if your Japanese lover prefers a movie and popcorn time to skydiving with you. Although you don't have to worry, your Japanese lover could travel any distance to be with you. They are cute like that. Generally speaking, get ready for great intimate, thoughtful, yet well-planned dates with your Japanese lover.

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Stereotypes about Japanese People

  • Japanese don't have time for their partners: this is one of the popular stereotypes you will find about dating a Japanese person. Most people believe that Japanese men or women would hardly have time for you because they are focused on their work. This is partly true and partly false. The part that is true is that the Japanese are hardworking people and this not necessarily bad except when the person is such a workaholic that they can't devote time for the relationship.
  • Japanese are shy people: Due to the Japanese's cultural background, they may not be big on public display of affection, such as kissing your lover in public. However, a typical Japanese man is anything but shy. For the women, it's a bit different. Some may be shy to meet online. However, once they get comfortable with you, there is no shyness anymore. They mostly even make the first move on dating.
  • The Japanese are clean people with clean bathrooms: This stereotype is just what it is- a stereotype! Being clean and neat has more to do with personality than being from a particular country. Nonetheless, one thing you can't take away from the Japanese is the love for beautiful clothes.

Japanese Dating Culture

  • Dates are for serious relationships: Casual dates are not popular in Japan. If someone likes you, they will have to declare their intentions and feelings to start a relationship. Men are expected to make the first move, though; sometimes you’ll also find women making the first move to declare their intention to date.
  • It is a taboo to have sexual relationships outside marriage: Just like there are no casual dates, there is no casual sex in Japan. It is frowned upon by everyone in society, irrespective of religious beliefs. It is believed to be taboo to have sexual relations outside marriage. However, you should know that these are only generally accepted Japanese dating customs. It doesn't change that some Japanese men and women engage in sexual relationships and casual sex outside the parameters of marriage.
  • Valentine's day is women giving and love declaration day, March 14 white day, the love is reciprocated: Usually, Valentine's day is a day when love is celebrated among lovers. In Japan, the culture is for the women to celebrate their lovers on Valentine's Day with a handful of gifts, including chocolates.

While the men look forward to Valentine's Day, the women wait for another month for their love to be reciprocated. So, on Match 14th, the Japanese men take their turn to celebrate their lovers in return. The March 14 event is referred to as the white day.

A Japanese couple celebrating their wedding.

How to Make your Account More Appealing on Japan Dating Sites

  1. Pictures: Pictures sometimes speak louder than words. You can capture yourself in more than a few words with just a single photo.
  2. Your profile: Make your profile accessible and conversational. Speak about yourself without boring whoever is reading. Also, include the specifications of men/women you would like to know and meet on your profile.
  3. No disclaimer: Don't make the mistake of putting a disclaimer on your profile. It can be a total turn-off. However, you can set boundaries that will be respected by writing out what you want very clearly.

It's a bit different from what you have in the west; the Japanese are socially reserved people. However, in 2021, a lot of them are embracing the online dating site scene more. If you're interested in dating Japanese, you can get on any of the dating sites listed above and create a profile. If you are a woman, don't forget you might be the one to strike a conversation if and when you meet who you like. You can always come back here to check for updates if you have more questions about Japanese dating.


Are there sites for hooking up in Japan?

Most Japanese sites are intended for serious relationships since the Japanese love dating for marriage purposes. However, 2021 brought with it some daring adventures, even for the Japanese. You might actually find a site for hook up and Japanese cougars if you look enough.

Is Japanese dating exclusive for their region?

Japanese dating is definitely not exclusive to their region. You can meet your Japanese lover from anywhere in the world. There are some Japanese American Dating sites like tinder, that you can use to find a Japanese lover.

How to choose the best Japanese dating site?

There are a lot of dating sites available to pick from. You just have to find the one that meets your personality and the things you need. However, you have to be sure the site is encrypted and safe and protects your confidential details? You can also choose from our list of the best Japanese dating sites, you may even find a Japanese dating site in USA.

Are there any free Japan dating sites?

There are some free Japanese dating sites. Although, Japanese dating sites free may require you to subscribe to enjoy some other features on the dating site app.

Are there any genuine Japan dating sites?

There are a lot of genuine Japanese dating sites. Check the table of top dating sites in the table above to see some genuine dating sites you can choose from.

What to know about dating a Japanese man or woman?

Dating a Japanese man or woman is a beautiful experience. Get ready to enjoy some intimate moments and to be taken seriously. Remember, the Japanese hardly go into a dating relationship if they are not looking for something serious. So, maybe you should be ready for something serious too.

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