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Times have changed since the eras our parents met. Arguably, it's a lot more difficult to find people at your local coffee shop, bar, gym, or community events. Especially if you have specific priorities like interests, characteristics, and religion in mind. If you're a Christian, the same probably also applies to you for online dating. Due to the rules and situations that apply to courtship in Christianity, dating can be challenging as not everyone holds the same values, and dating is taken a lot more seriously.

If you're a Christian looking for a dating website to align with your values, then you don't have to spend long browsing through mainstream sites; check out our table of top Christian dating sites down below.

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Christian Dating

Unlike some people's intentions, Christian singles are honest and straightforward in their dating. Most Christians aren't looking to meet just anyone; they often want to take dating seriously in the hopes of marriage. Christians are also good people who are true to their faith, living by acts of service and kindness, so if you're planning on dating one, it's unlikely they will mess you around.

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How to Meet Christian Singles?

If you're planning on online dating, you're spoilt for choice with a range of free and paid dating sides and apps. Generally, Christian dating apps and sites can vary as some people seek short-term relationships, others long-term, friendships, and hookups.

Start Dating

What are Users Looking For on Free Christian Dating Sites?

People have different attributes they look out for in a partner for them to consider him or her suitable enough to date. There are different expectations people have from dating, and people's reasons for dating vary. So let's take a look at what singles are looking for on Christian dating sites.

Serious relationship

Many individuals are wanting to date online to end up in a serious relationship. Normally these users are very clear about their intentions of a long-term relationship from the very beginning. Such users tend to state their interests in the hope of finding someone highly compatible with them. Moreover, these users might pay for premium services as they don't want to waste time online and be more detailed in their profile. They tend to select based on their location, age, height, ethnicity, and religion.

The marriage of a Christian couple.


On Christian dating websites and apps, you can find people that only want to use such services for the intention of marriage. These people will spend their time filling in extensive questionnaires to declare their interests. Most of the time, they will answer questions about whether they want children, their hobbies, age, height, and more personal details.

Users looking for casual dating

Some users use Christian dating services to date casually. Often these users look for people nearby who are open-minded to see where the dates go. These users also look to date people with no labels, and some look for a platonic friendship.

Hookups and ONS

Some people want to use their services to fulfill instant gratification through a hook-up or one-night stand on dating websites. Generally, these people tend not to spend too much time filling in questionnaires or paying for services. Normally such users tend to use free apps or websites to see who is in their area. Most of these users simply don't want to date and instead meet up for intercourse.

Challenges of Dating Christian Singles

If you plan on using a Christian singles website, you might find yourself with some challenges. It's incredibly important that you choose the right website; if you don't you could find the following difficult:

Christian dating.

Finding the balance of Christianity

There's one thing for a user to say they are a Christian, but they may not practice as much as you. Moreover, you might find the other person more religious than you and tend to stick to fasting, follow the Bible, and have different beliefs. Sometimes it can be tough to detect this online unless the website asks relevant questions and conversations to determine the level of faith.


Some parts of the Bible mention that Christian singles should abstain from sex before marriage. Sex before marriage is a personal choice, and not all Christians have done so. Many people who use Christian dating websites expect that some Christians are celibate when they're dating. However, this is not always the case, and therefore you will want to find a dating website that asks such personal questions.

False expectations

Sometimes, people portray themselves differently on social media, different from what they are in real life. For example, users might pose in photos inside a church or use hashtags related to Christianity. Based on this, you can often fall in love with a different persona online, setting yourself up for heartbreak when you meet them in person and start to know their actions. Therefore, it's important to take your time to get to know the person.

An elderly Christian couple on a walk.

Dating profiles

When using a dating website, it's also important that you put as much detail as possible on your profile. The same applies to looking at users, choosing them based on their details. Ideally, you will want to look for users with multiple profile pictures and go the extra length to become verified.

What are the Rules for Christian Dating?

There's often a set of rules many Christians must follow regarding online dating sites for Christians. First of all, Christian singles must set boundaries and communicate them with the other person when they start dating. This applies to rules regarding kissing, flirting, sexual intercourse, and so forth.

Moreover, when going on dates, Christians should consider doing activities related to their faith like attending church, reading the Bible, praying, etc.


Christian online dating can be a tiresome experience if you don't know how to use them properly. When online, it's important that you take your time to browse dating profiles and get to know the other person. To ensure you use high-quality Christian websites and updates, check out the page for new information on the best online dating sites.


What is the best Christian dating site?

The best Christian dating site can be subjective based on what you want to find. Many of these websites offer paid services and filter out people who don't have serious intentions. By using our list of the best Christian dating sites, you can easily find one that fits your needs.

Do Christian dating sites work?

There have been many individuals who have found their soulmates on Christian dating sites. Sometimes it might not work at first; however, often, it's a case of trial and error before people find the right person.

What to expect when dating a Christian?

When dating a Christian, it's important to understand that they may not want to go all the way and have sex before marriage. Similarly, some Christians may opt to go on dates related to their faith or have serious conversations about Christianity.

How to find Christian singles?

If you want to meet Christian singles, there are several ways you can do so. First of all, you can try offline methods like meeting them in a Church, at retreats, conferences, and the ministry. Second, there's plenty of specialized online websites and apps strictly for Christians to find one another.

How to prepare for Christian dating?

If you are a Christian and plan on dating, you must practice open communication. There's so much discussion around religion, morals, and principles that you must be comfortable talking about it with a stranger.

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