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Understanding is one of the keys to any successful relationship. And who best is to understand you if not someone who shares the same interests or similar way of life with you. No matter what you love to do or how you choose to live, it shouldn’t be hard for you to exist freely and find dates.

However, we live in a society that has a stereotype for what normal should be. They pick on people who do “too little” or” too much”. I wonder who drew the line. Meeting people who are intellectually bent or have an extreme interest in a particular field like you is not so hard anymore. Thanks to the numerous geeks dating sites available on the internet today. We have taken the time to assess these online apps and pick out the best dating sites for geeks.

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Geek Dating

Having so much love and obsession for computers and other technological concepts should not be a problem, but geeks are regularly called insulting names like “weird” or “freak” especially in school. They may find it hard to make friends since nobody wants to roll with the uncool guy or girl. Joke’s on them, a lot of computer geeks end up making breathtaking design inventions or apps that make them lifetime billionaires. Or better still work as a computer cornerstone for prominent technological companies.

Interestingly, you will be glad to know that there are many more people around in your city or state who are highly enthusiastic about computers, machines, technologies, or anything you are bent on.

Geek dating is lovable. Imagine you, an intellectual, dating another geek. First, they will understand you and you wouldn’t have to explain your obsession every time as you would to a regular partner. Geek dates can easily buttress your ideas. There are honestly endless possibilities to what you can achieve together. You can easily share discoveries that “Wow” you with them and get an equally exciting reaction. It may not be so with regular partners, as they may be lost or unable to see what is so exciting about your discovery. Interested in getting a geek date yet? Read on.

Start Dating

Where to Look for Geek Singles

Some of the featured sites are the best geek dating websites available. You can easily register a profile, set up an interesting bio, and connect with geek singles nearby. Users of geek dating apps may include intellectuals who are obsessive about relative fields who are looking to connect with others like them for various purposes. Regular people who seem to have a thing for geeks may also register to link up with their spec.

Reasons, why people register on geek dating websites, are:

  1. To date or find a serious relationship
  2. For friendship
  3. To hook up
  4. To join geek clubs and connect with people of similar inclination

Single geek girl.

Online Dating for Geeks

The reason why geeks may resort to online dating is quite simple. When your interest or way of life is deemed weird by society, you tend to find acceptance and love anywhere you are appreciated. Other reasons why geeks go for online dating include the following:

  • The joy of not being the odd one out
  • The excitement of being celebrated for little accomplishment in their geeky projects
  • People there easily understand them without having to explain over and over again

Benefits of Dating Geeks

There are many reasons why you’ll find dating a geek amazing. They include:

  • They are intellectuals: Geeks are very smart; they can master almost any aspect of maths and science and apply it even in real-life situations. They are fast learners, which means if you can get them to have an interest in what you want them to learn, they will become the master of the teacher before you know it.
  • High sense of humor: Opposite to the popular perception that geeks are boring, they understand humor and are one of the funniest sets of humans. It takes a level of brainpower to create or understand jokes.
  • Loyal as they come: Geeks are usually loyal since they are mostly introverted, keep to themselves, and thereby do not have lots of friends. They have fewer friends than regular people and surely do not want to lose those few.
  • Responsible: Geeks tend to be more responsible than regular partners. They don’t find anything fun in social vices. You don’t need to worry about excessive drinking or partying. They are quite the catch when it comes to responsibility and stability.
  • Problem solvers: Dating a geek gets more interesting. They are problem solvers. They can’t stand a problem still thriving while they are around. They brainstorm and find solutions to problems because they can’t rest their mind while it lingers. Isn’t that amazing?

Single geeks on a date are playing on a console.


Your intellectual power and excess interest in anything should not be a barrier to you in finding friendship, relationships, and love. Sign up on any of the geek dating apps to start connecting. Be sure to turn on your notifications to get quick updates on the latest for maximum experience.


What to expect when dating a geek?

Geeks are great lovers. They are good at communication and can learn to be very romantic. But what you should be ready for is to be ignored or appear invincible to them when they are working on big projects or have a presentation coming up.

What are the pros and cons of dating a geek?

Pros of dating a geek are numerous and some of them have been discussed earlier in the article. They are problem solvers, fast learners, funny and loyal. Cons of dating a geek may include lack of attention to partners sometimes, mood swings when they can’t seem to get something right, e.t.c. You may also feel intimidated by their intelligence from time to time.

How do geeks get girlfriends?

Geeks are just a set of people too. And no matter the set you belong to, you will always find people who are fascinated by your way of life. Some girls are attracted to intellectuals and will easily fall in love with a geek.

How it would be to have a geek as a boyfriend or a husband?

If your boyfriend is a geek, your parents will definitely like him since geeks are generally assumed to be responsible. Plus, parents like smart people as friends to their kids. As a boyfriend, apart from being responsible, a geek husband will help your kids out with school work and may even pass the brains to them as genes right from birth.

Why don’t girls date the geek?

Because geeks are mostly seen as unfashionable and uncool, girls may not want to date them at first. But in the end, everyone always finds that someone who will love them for who they are. Don’t they?

What is the best dating site for geeks?

There are lots of online platforms for geek dating available. We have taken on the job to bring some of the best websites to you, where you can register and link up with other geek singles. Explore the featured geek dating websites and stick to the one that does it for you.

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